Your Answer When They Come For Your Guns

I have previously written here and here about appropriate tactics for patriots to take (including Christian patriots) when we come to the realization that the current government of our land is tyrannical, and moving in the direction of further, more intensive despotism.

I’d like to add another tactic to that list today; and, that tactic is deception.

I realize that as soon as I suggest that deception is an appropriate tool for the opposition of tyrants,  I’m going to lose some of my fellow Christians. However, I beg a patient audience, as I will later try to show that the Bible itself endorses this idea. And when I suggest that Scripture endorses the move to deceive tyrants, I use that word advisedly. I don’t mean to merely say that Scripture allows deception in this case. I mean that the Bible endorses it. It commends it. It holds it up in more than one place as an act of faith.

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Especially since we have moved into the Information Age, the American Federal government has sought to become a master collector of information. Information is the new currency, especially in endeavors such as the War on Terror. Information is so important that the government has launched an initiative, with the Utah Data Center, to (in fact) capture every piece of electronic communication that flies through cyberspace.

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Precisely because our overlords consider information so valuable, as they pursue it with great diligence they actually become more and more vulnerable to bad information, or even disinformation. A couple of “accidentally” transposed numbers on forms that ask for your street address, phone number, or SSN may go a long way toward gumming up the works here and there.

Deceiving tyrants has a long and honorable tradition throughout human history, including in America. Think of the act of vandalism known as the Boston Tea Party, for instance, in which the participants dressed like natives, probably not so much to frame the Indians as to hide their own identities.

When they come for your guns, as they almost certainly will, whether tomorrow or in a couple years, will you obediently turn over your weapons and ammunition? Or will you hide them? Use misdirection, trickery, concealment? I hope you go with the latter options.

And, Christians, you should do so without even the slightest pang of conscience.

Ask sister Rahab, and she’ll tell you the same. You remember her story. In Joshua 2, you can read it. Her king, an idolatrous rebel against God, was looking for two spies who had been sent into the land by Joshua. Rahab hid them on the roof of her house, under the stalks of flax. Not only that, but when the tyrant’s men came specifically asking for them, she deceived them and sent them on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction.

I know, I know. You go to some church with a rock band and sermons based on movies; and your metrosexual pastor has assured you that things have changed since the Old Covenant gave way to the New. We can’t necessarily deal with governments the way the righteous people of the Old Testament did, etcetera, etcetera, yadda, yadda. [For a thorough de-bunking of that nonsense, see the Kindle book, Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers.]

But the New Testament itself deals emphatically with that objection. It does so by holding up Rahab’s deception as an act of genuine faith, in two separate places. It’s as if God knew you’d have limp-wristed, Fifth-column preachers arguing against this idea in particular, so He wanted to confirm it in the mouth of two witnesses. Rahab shows up in the so-called Hall of Fame of faith for her act of defiance (Hebrews 11:31) and then James uses the incident as an example of how genuine faith will cause us to perform works of righteousness (James 2:25-26.)

Anyone with a cursory familiarity with the Old Testament can come up with multiplied other examples, where heroes of the faith used deception to combat the actions of a tyrannical ruler. I might merely mention David, and ask you to think on all the times he hid himself from Saul (using combinations of concealment, trickery, and misdirection); covertly gained information on what the king’s plans were; and even pretended to be insane at one point in order to fool another wicked king.

So, to the point at hand, it seems inevitable that enough RINOs are going to cave to the liberals (again) so that the government will try to disarm you. They'll probably ask nicely at first. Come register your guns. Then it'll be, come register your guns and get a $100 tax credit for doing so. Then, come turn in your guns for a gift card to your favorite store. But then, they'll be at your door, asking in a manner that contains more "stick" than "carrot." They'll be there because of an anonymous tip that you are a gun owner, blah, blah, blah.  How will you answer?

Is deception a biblically-authorized tool vs. tyrants? I think the answer is an unavoidable yes. The only question that remains to you as Christian patriots is to decide whether the current government you live with meets the definition of tyrant. For help in making that decision, click the book link three paragraphs above.


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