Young Patriots Look to Take Back Montana, then the Republic

I cannot speak to what you were doing at the tender age of 22, but I was certainly not doing anything of real significance.  However, that's not the case for Montana's younger generation.  Representative Sarah Laszloffy (HD 57), age 22, headlines a ground-swell of youthful patriots with one goal in mind… first take back Montana, then take back this Republic. 

Sarah Laszloffy
Sarah Laszloffy

I was able to make the trip to Helena this week to meet the current, and hopeful, legislative candidates inside the Capitol Rotunda.  The event was hosted by the Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, and was very well attended.  Click the video below to see my interview with Sarah, and a handful of other 20-something legislative candidates who decided that it was time to rise up and take action.

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