This World Needs a Strong American President

With all of the political chaos ruling this country today, the American people – and actually, the entire world, as well – are desperately in need of a true leader as the American President, one who is not afraid to do those things that are necessary to return America to its rightful place in world politics. America’s Democrat Party is totally consumed by corruption, and the Republican Party is fatally flawed and overwhelmed by cowardice. America needs a President who will not bow to the demands of the globalist agenda, and who understands and will respond to the worldwide threat of radical Islam! This nation needs a President who understands what made America great, and is totally committed to doing those things which will return this nation to its proper role as leader of the free world!

The time is right for an American leader divinely established by Almighty God, one who will lead according to God’s direction. Crazy, you say? Many times in the Bible, God established a righteous leader to replace a wicked tyrant who had been allowed by Almighty God to bring judgment upon His chosen people after they had turned away from God. The great but wicked city of Nineveh chose to repent of their wicked ways, and God delayed his judgment upon that city because they had repented. I believe the situation America finds itself in today is very similar to that of the city of Nineveh during biblical times, and our options are either to repent or to come under God’s judgment. I believe this future American leader is someone not yet widely known in this country, but who will, over the next few months, begin to assert himself as the obvious choice to lead this nation back to greatness! But before we discuss the qualities America needs in its President, let’s look at some things America definitely does not need from its leader.

America does not need a President who begins their tenure in office by making an around-the-world apology tour proclaiming how terrible he thinks America has treated the rest of the world in the past. America does not need a President who saddles our children and grandchildren with a suffocating debt from which they may never be able to recover. America does not need a President who ignores his sworn oath of office to support and defend the US Constitution. America does not need a President who removes high-ranking career military officers who may have discovered his treasonous acts and orders as Commander-in-Chief, and refused to carry out those illegal orders. America does not need a President who knowingly appoints gays and liberals as Judges to our courts, especially to the US Supreme Court. America does not need a President who sees his job as to destroy the principles and traditions that made America what it was during its greatest era. And, America does not need a President who bypasses Congress and governs through Executive Orders.

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There is no doubt that America has suffered tremendously under the hand of this current President, and we need a courageous and fearless leader who actually loves this country, but not the typical career-politician plug-in. I believe the overwhelming majority of the American people want a President who will execute the duties of that office exactly opposite as did Barack Obama! First of all, America needs as its President one who will bring respect back to that office by being constitutionally qualified to hold that office, and if those qualifications are legitimately challenged, willing to provide proof to substantiate said eligibility. America wants and needs a President who will reassert this nation’s rightful position as the greatest nation in the history of this world, and who will make this nation’s security the number one priority!

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America needs a President who will not promote legislation intentionally designed to ethically, economically and morally bankrupt this nation! America needs as our President one who knows the difference between the real history of America and that fabricated distortion that has been force-fed to American school children for decades by liberal educators. When the true American history is once again taught in our schools, our young people will hopefully begin to realize that America was at its strongest and greatest when her people acknowledged Almighty God as the one true God, and that this nation’s two greatest documents, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, were profoundly influenced by Christian principles and values! America needs as its President one who recognizes that America is not now, and never has been, like any other nation devised by man, and therefore will not submit to the dictates of the United Nations or other world governing bodies when deciding which of our laws we are to follow, and which of our laws we will repeal! America needs as its President one with a definite and legitimate foreign policy, and will work diligently to employ that policy worldwide.

America needs as its President one who has the courage to incorporate within the US Dept. of Justice a division whose primary responsibility will be to serve as a watchdog over the ACLU, CAIR, the Communist Party, the Black Panthers, and other similar organizations whose primary objective is to compromise and/or destroy this nation. The function of this division will be to investigate the activities of these anti-American organizations, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law whenever they bring frivolous lawsuits against American citizens and institutions, or when they threaten to block legal voters from trying to cast their vote. If they are kept busy defending themselves, they will not have time to pursue their satanic witch hunts! In the past some of these organizations filed mountains of legal actions intended to intimidate American citizens and destroy legitimate and long-held customs and traditions of this nation, and did so without worry of having to answer for their actions. America needs as its President one who will re-establish the House Committee on Un-American Activities to protect our people against the activities of subversive groups led by the likes of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, and others who hate everything America stands for.

America needs a President who will direct his Attorney General to initiate investigations into the activities of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, George Soros, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others who have possibly committed treasonous acts against this nation! America needs a President who will eliminate and/or totally restructure Departments of Government such as the EPA, IRS, Department of Education, and any other Departments which have proven themselves to be detrimental to the security and economic prosperity of this nation. America needs a President who pursues rather than blocks projects, such as the Keystone pipeline, that make it possible for America to reduce greatly or even eliminate our energy dependence upon foreign governments or alliances. America needs a President who attacks a crisis rather than continually looks for someone to blame that crisis upon!

America needs a President who does not open our White House to celebrations of a religious/governmental ideology that has publicly proclaimed its hatred for America, while at the same time refusing access to leaders of our Christian faith! America needs a President who will not surrender the rights of American citizens granted by the US Constitution to the whims of the United Nations and other global mafias! America needs a President who doesn’t feel the need to spend the majority of their time, and an obscene amount of American taxpayer’s money on perpetual vacations
while the country is in crisis! And, contrary to what America’s pseudo-Christians and atheists would have us believe, America needs a true Christian President who understands that the greatness this nation could once boast was the result of blessings from Almighty God, and that the only way for America to once again enjoy those blessings is for her people to realize and acknowledge that America indeed is a nation founded upon Christian principles and values!  

The American people have long been too willing to melt in the face of politically correct activists who intend to transform this nation into a weak and feeble collection of unprincipled malcontents. America needs a President who will commit totally to defending America, not surrendering America! This world needs an America that operates from a position of strength, not as a weak laughing stock among world nations, and it is time that the President of the United States understands this fact! Anything less means the end of America, the Great American Dream, and any semblance of world order! May God Almighty have mercy upon this nation, and guide its people.

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