World Bank Climate Policies Cause Mass Starvation

A few days ago Dr. Jim Kim, president of the World Bank, posted an article regarding his and others’ desire to end extreme poverty by the year 2030.

The article is entitled “State of Global Development: Why 2015 Is a Pivotal Year for Ending Poverty.”

That’s a lofty goal, but why is 2015 a “pivotal year?” Well, he doesn’t say. By all appearances, he is at least left-leaning, if not a full-blown socialist. And as such, he most likely feels he doesn’t have to explain why this year, which is already half over, or any other year is crucially important to the cause.

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He does explained that “The outcomes of this year will help determine whether the world will be able to reach two goals that we set at the World Bank group: to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity by raising the incomes of the poorest 40% in developing countries.”

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Okay – I stand corrected. He is a full-blown socialist. I know this by his utterance of just two magic words – “shared prosperity.” That’s code for developed countries will be made to care and thus made to pay. It’s just not fair for us winners of life’s lottery to hoard all the wealth – you know – after we’ve stolen it from the poor countries.

“Achieving these goals means finding ways to spur economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable,” writes Kim. He says that we must invest (another liberal codeword) in people’s future and also protect the most vulnerable from “the impact of climate change.”

And there it is. He writes, “This year we must reach a global agreement, based on government commitment to targets, to save the planet for our children and all future generations. The poor are already feeling the impacts of climate change more than anyone else, and without an effective climate agreement, the poor will suffer even more in the years ahead.”

But these goals, says Kim, will be “ambitious and costly,” so we need to turn the current billions of dollars into trillions because throwing money at a problem always solves it, especially in the Third World where the funds are filtered through corrupt officials and tin pot dictators.

Unfortunately, if Dr. Kim would bother to look, he would find that, over the past several years, the world’s misguided thinking regarding the lie of man-caused climate change has killed many more through mass starvation that they would hope to save.

Most of the deaths from starvation are due to worldwide mandates of biofuels. All over the world, including the United States, great swathes of food-producing land have been converted to the production of biofuel crops.

In 2009, Lord Monkton reported that, due to biofuels, world grain prices have risen to the point where, for example, people in Haiti “can’t afford even a daily plate of rice, and some must take desperate measures to fill their bellies, by eating mud, partly as a consequence of increasing global demand for biofuels.”

Yes, you read that right – eating mud. This was confirmed by National Geographic.

And former World Bank president, Robert Zoellick, was forced to admit, “We estimate that a doubling of food prices over the last three years could potentially push 100 million people in low income countries deeper into poverty.”

Yet, just five or six years later, the president of the World Bank is back, spouting the same old climate change nonsense that’s already crushed so many in the Third World.

We are now approaching 10% of the entire world grain being stolen from the starving to feed the bogus biofuel beast. Dr. Kim and his financier cohorts can pontificate all they like. They can make speeches and write articles for their own self-aggrandizement, but they and their policies are causing the mass starvation of millions every year. Frankly, the Third World would be better off without the do-gooders’ help.

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