Words Matter – Own Them Or They Will Own You

“An evil soul producing holy witness, Is like a villain with a smiling cheek, A goodly apple rotten at the heart. O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!” – Shakespeare, from “The Merchant of Venice”

If grizzly bears ripped through your hometown leaving a wake of death and destruction, wouldn’t the townspeople do everything in their power to stop them? Wouldn’t you warn the neighboring town?
What if the neighboring town said, “Oh, the state negotiated with the bears already and assured us the grizzlies are peaceful. The bears mean no harm and are offended we see them as a threat. By the way, they prefer to be called URSUS, so be sensitive to their feelings.”
Do we take the grizzlies’ word as proof of their true character? If the state accepts this fraud as the truth, we’re in big trouble. We are left to defend ourselves when that is a specific task rightly delegated to the state.
Political correctness (PC) is changing America’s relationships by diminishing our ability to communicate accurately. PC can even get us killed.
Does it never dawn on us to dispute our enemies? If we know they are enemies of liberty, what makes us think they wouldn’t use deceit to promote their evil agenda? Why is it called ‘hate speech’ (a PC term) to acknowledge this fact?
Recognizing our enemies calls for critical thinking; the process of analyzing facts and looking at an issue objectively. One can only squeak by for so long without critical thinking skills.
With 24-hour news and social media, we have become accustomed to being told what to think, what to say, and how to say it. Most Americans never even detect they are being indoctrinated. But it works. Have you heard people defend the enemies who have sworn to kill us by parroting the politically correct drivel they consume daily? It’s all in the name of being ‘tolerant’ (PC’s favorite term).
What is behind the propaganda?
In “Meet the 2nd Largest PR Firm in the World: The U.S. Government,” a Dec 14th article in Forbes, federal agencies spent more than $4.35 BILLION of our tax dollars on public relations in the past eight years. The U.S. employed 3,100 public affairs officers from the same PR agency once used by Vladimir Putin to help formulate Russian propaganda.
Even the IRS jumped on the government’s PR bandwagon. Taxpayers foot the bill for telemarketers – $2.499 MILLION in ‘survey’ contracts for just one of the PR contractors used by the Internal Revenue Service.

The results? The IRS ‘survey’ found that they have a 90% approval rating.

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Really? Does anyone actually believe the IRS has a 90% approval rating among taxpayers? Yet Americans will buy it. Literally. Call it what it is: taxpayer-funded propaganda.

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The Forbes article concluded that a government using a PR firm to conduct surveys has little do with transparency and everything to do with self-promotion.

Why do they do it? So the government can do as they please while the public believes the lie that everything is just dandy. Move along. Nothing to see here.

We’ve accepted too many lies for much too long.
The lies created by political correctness become like poison to a nation. Here’s how:
Common language once agreed upon in culture is abruptly replaced with words that conjure up new emotions. The alternate words paint a distorted picture.
Political correctness is a fear-based concept. The desired result is self-censorship. Traditional language and ideas mutually accepted for decades suddenly make outcasts of typical citizens. PC is forced on the non-compliant through name-calling and threats. Like racist, Islama-phobe, etc.
Free speech is squelched. Political discourse comes to a halt. Many lack the courage to resist for fear of ridicule or even imprisonment, in the case of language now deemed “hate speech” (a subjective PC term). While claiming ‘tolerance’ PC is in reality the least tolerant of all.
Now the people start thinking as a group. Much like a herd instead of free, independent, self-governing citizens. Mission accomplished for the thought police.
What is the goal of PC? The very definition of manipulation: to re-direct the thinking of a nation to suit the purpose of a desired outcome.
Propaganda and manipulation go hand in hand. It is mental and emotional abuse. It is a direct affront to individual liberty: free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, and on and on.
Make no mistake about it. When your own government uses your tax dollars to deceive you into believing a lie, and that deception promotes the agenda of a sworn enemy, this is treason at its core.

When we can no longer recognize our mortal enemies for what they really are, we become sitting ducks. PC not only frustrates our ability to think and communicate in truth, it threatens our very existence.
What is the antidote to PC poisoning? To overcome the deceit, it takes courage and critical thinking skills developed by considering facts instead of false arguments based on emotion.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” –Thomas Jefferson

*Article by James Wilson

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