The Word Racism is Communist Propaganda

This morning I wrote a little parody mocking Obama’s pouty attitude that nobody likes him because he is black. I discussed all the various reasons that have nothing to do with race that people actually have for disliking the divisive president. I also wrote a piece discussing the dehumanizing morality of the left in which they effortlessly decry the efforts of those opposing their agenda as being less than human. This is how all genocides begin, by taking away people’s humanity and for all practical purposes, making it seem as if eliminating them from society will bring about the new promised world of liberal Utopianism. President Obama, by claiming the nation opposes his agenda because of racism is actually attempting to portray us as being irrational, hate filled and lacking a sense of humanity. Only people driven by hatred and possessing a shallow soul would hate a man based on skin color. Obama would have you believe this is the whole of the United States. If you are a liberal who has turned on Obama, you are part of that equation as well. As is the case with all socialists, they use the useful idiots until they are no longer useful and then, they turn on them. Obama is turning on all of his supporters by claiming racism as the reason his poll numbers are dwindling.

We are at a very dangerous cross road here America. The nation has been divided to the point where many people actually believe opposition to Obama is based on skin color alone. That means that in the eyes of many, white conservatives have become less than human. The word “racism” itself has been used to cause this division for decades. Universities poison the minds of young students with white privilege and claim that racism means anything from an imbalance of political power to an existence of more hair salons for white people, as opposed to blacks. Racism in America has transcended a definition based on burning hatred to meaning one must support the idea that blacks are unable to achieve anything without the help of government, or be labeled a racist. This is Black Liberation Theology, and it is dangerous. It keeps the flames of hatred alive and justifies its propagation as blacks will always have an excuse because they are “oppressed” by whites. The sad reality, however, is that blacks falling for this are being oppressed by the people pushing this ideology. They are but the means to achieve the ends, which is authoritarian totalitarianism. As long as the left can keep the memories of oppression alive they will never turn their eyes from it and see the truth, because they are the beneficiaries of the entitlement lie. They have been taught that they will never be accepted in a white man’s world and because of slavery, they deserve what the white man has.

While this has been covered by others, such as Bradlee Dean, it can’t be stressed enough because only by understanding history can we prevent ourselves from repeating it. The word “racism” is a communist invention that was specifically designed to silence those that were viewed as standing in the way of communist goals.
Coined by Red Army founder Leon Trotsky, in his book History of the Russian Revolution, the term racism was invented to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs of Russia were selfish and greedy for doing nothing more than wanting to preserve their cultural identity. Sound familiar?

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Making people seem less than human for opposing the “enlightened global vision of the elite” has been one of the biggest objectives of the communists. They use this tactic in almost all of their endeavors from global warming to gun control. You are backwards and less than rational for opposing global warming because who could possibly be against saving the planet for future generations? You are a backwards, primitive Neanderthal for believing in gun ownership because, obviously guns are dangerous to children and we no longer live in that type of society. These arguments are but examples of the same way the word racism has been used to silence us from speaking truth. To oppose a black president in the United States, after the years of horrible oppression they have faced at the hands of white imperialists is racist because it shows an inability to adapt to the times and let go of the past. Believing that blacks don’t need programs like affirmative action is racist because it denies them ties to their historic roots of slavery and assumes that those scars don’t exist within their psyche. Believing they can achieve in a white man’s world is to deny them their culture. This is the poison that they would have you believe.

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Beware; President Obama knows what he is doing when he deliberately attempts to label the nation as “racist” for opposing his socialism. He knows that his commentary will be ridiculed by conservatives; in fact he is counting on it. There are enough people in the country who are loyal followers of Obama that after making such a claim, anything said in response will only add to the flames which were lit when he was first elected. Any response to his claim will be viewed as absolute proof of our racism because they have been robbed of the ability to think for themselves by the very communists seeking to use them in pursuit of their objective. Only by being educated by communists can people be “dumbed down” enough to accept it. With the constant barrage of white privilege, the DOJ’s refusal to prosecute black on white violence as hate crimes, the imminent passing of amnesty and the continuous assaults on traditional American values it is perfectly clear what the intention of the left is. They are dehumanizing any opposition so they can organize a power base against those they perceive to be a threat to their agenda. This is the communist way. A brief glimpse of history will remind us where this goes next.

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