It Won’t Be Long Before Obama’s Islamic Radicalization Becomes Irrepressible in America

If the Obama administration has its way, the United States will be welcoming an increasing number of new Muslim refugees to our shores. The targeted migration of Islam to North America and its influences in our government, courts and schools, poses a very real threat to Democracy and freedom in the United States. Islamic radicalization, a topic the White House prefers to avoid, is stealthily growing in America and if we continue to ignore it, one day Islam will achieve its goals of dominance in our culture.

As proof of my assertions, I offer our neighbor to the north, Canada.

According to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada’s once peaceful Muslim population is growing more radical, and officials are at a loss to find ways to control Islam’s prolific aspirations.

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obama_islamA newly revealed year old confidential de-classified report detailing Canada’s Islamic extremism issues is available here.

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For over two decades, Canada opened their arms to war weary Muslim refugees. Now Islam is the fastest growing religion in Canada. Growing faster rate than the population of Canadians who claim no religious affiliation. As a result of Islam’s growth, Canada is facing a plague like escalation of a nasty bi-product of Islam, increased Muslim extremism. Extremism that is forcing Canadian officials to confront what they have categorized as a growing threat to their national security.

After excluding Muslim dominated nations and the United States, Canada has the second highest concentration of active terrorist affiliates and terrorist fundraising groups on the Globe. In the last three years, Canada has discovered and thwarted numerous homegrown Islamic terrorist attacks directed at government facilities, public transportation systems, and yes, the United States. Canada has also discovered that their Islamic communities are playing a growing role in global Islamic jihad.

According to the above de-classified report, beginning in 2013, an alarming number of naturalized Canadian Muslims—males between the ages of 18 and 35—have left their families in Canada and traveled to North Africa, Somalia, Syria, Chechnya, Dagestan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, to fight alongside Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

What is truly unremarkable is the source of this radicalization, orthodox Muslim Imam’s promotion of extremism from inside the growing number of Mosques in Canada’s Muslim communities. Something the international counter terrorism community has been warning the Canadian and US government about for well over a decade.

Perhaps Americans should heed the warnings broadcast from Canadian Officials. At one time, liberal Canada imprudently believed—as some of America continues to believe—Muslims will assimilate into our culture. Canada is warning Americans of the folly of these naive notions.

Rough estimates suggest some 3 million Muslims currently live in the United States. Presently, many US cities—Dearborn, Michigan and Minneapolis, Minnesota to name two— are struggling with increased and unhealthy concentrations of Muslims refugees, Islamic centers, mosques and the unintended growth of Islamic extremism in these communities. After the Kenyan Mall massacre, intelligence reports revealed American Muslim immigrants—from both cities mentioned above and others—had participated in this brutal attack and murder of innocent non-Muslims, all in the name of Islam.

When it comes to Muslim radicalization and exporting violent Jihadists, clearly, Canada is not alone.

Currently, the violent aftermath of the Islamic Arab Spring has the Obama Administration—at United Nations insistence—clamoring to approve historic increases of Muslim immigration to the United States from formerly stable Muslim countries besieged by Islamic violence and Sunni/Shiite sectarian violence.

Americans may not realize—although they make up almost two thirds of US immigrants—Christian immigration to the United States is steadily declining. Moreover, for the last 20 years, America has seen its Islamic immigrant population double and its Muslim population rise. Why?

All over the globe, Christians are under attack. Muslim terrorist groups now claiming Obama sanctioned freedom fighter status are burning churches, executing those who do not convert; yet, I hear no Obama Administration calls to increase immigration of Christian refugees to the United States, just displaced Muslims.

Unlike Canada, US law discourages an accurate accounting of the numbers of Muslims currently residing in American communities. Never the less, the rise of the Islamic Mosque projects in American, the growth of Islamic conversions among our African American prison population and the increasing number of militant Muslim enclaves in America suggest Islamic extremism in America is on a similar trajectory to Canada’s.

Moreover, all it will take to continue these dangerous and unhealthy immigration trends is American apathy and the ongoing pro-Muslim activity of the man in the White House.

Therefore, while we revel in celebration for recent failures of the President’s Healthcare reform, I would like to remind America infiltration of our communities by our Islamic enemy continues. Unless Obama immigration policies stop, America, just like our neighbors to the north, can look forward to the uncontrollable Islamic radicalization.

You do not have to believe me; you can simply read the report.

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