A former TSA agent herself, Carol Price, apparently had enough of inappropriate pat downs. As she was traveling to her brother's funeral in Cleveland, Ohio via the Southwest Florida International Airport, she claims her breasts and genitals were inappropriately groped. That's when she decided to protest the issue in a different manner, by grabbing at the leg of a TSA agent demonstrating how she was inappropriately groped.

The camera angle of the incident does not allow one to see exactly how high up the leg Ms. Price went with her hands.

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However, she never made it to her brother's funeral as TSA removed her from the flight, handcuffed her and took her to jail.

Price simply demonstrated to a TSA agent what they do all the time and for that she is facing misdemeanor batter charges. She has plead not guilty.

In a response to the incident, TSA said, "The pat down was conducted correctly in accordance with our procedures... Violence against our officers who work every day to keep the traveling public safe is unacceptable."

First, we don't have video of the pat down, so how TSA can actually claim it was conducted correctly is beyond me. Second, from all the evidence and eyewitness testimony to how TSA conducts itself (theft, groping, harassment), I'd say I'm more likely to believe those who accuse than the accused. Third, TSA does not keep the traveling public safe as has been demonstrated in the past.

Finally, there was no violence against any officer in the video. Ms. Price was clearly upset, and all the more, since she was on her way to her brother's funeral. She simply demonstrated what was done to her. In no way does the video show her attack the agent, though it seems clear that she was upset.

I disagree with the reporter that TSA is a "necessary evil" after 9-11. No, it is an infringement upon the Fourth Amendment rights of American citizens. If airports want that kind of security, it should be private so as not to violate the Fourth Amendment.

Price's court date is scheduled for July 3rd.

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