Randomly finding out there's a warrant out for your arrest that you weren't aware of has to suck, but finding out it's for not returning a crappy Jennifer Lopez movie you rented almost a decade ago has to suck ten times more.

That's reportedly what happened to South Carolina resident Kayla Finley, who spent a night in Pickens County Jail after going there to report a crime herself. Her charge? Petite larceny for failing to return a copy of the Jennifer Lopez film Monster-in-Law she had forgotten she rented back in 2005:

She'd reportedly rented the movie from the now-defunct Dalton Video, and never returned the cassette. WHNS reports the store's former owner, P.J. Dalton, had taken the matter to court nine years ago and gotten a judge to issue a warrant.

The matter remained a cold case, of sorts, until Thursday, when a records check performed at the jail turned up the summons.

According to her warrant, Finley reportedly was mailed several warnings by Dalton, and then finally documentation of the court action, but she now claims she never received any of the correspondence. (source)

Finley has vowed to fight the charge, calling out Pickens County for having nothing better to do.

Moral of the story? Guess you better make sure you've returned all your rented media people. No Jennifer Lopez movie is worth spending a night in the big house.

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