Witness the Left Turning on Their Own

For years the political classes, both democrat and republican, have been steadily shifting to the left. The democrat party has moved so far left, it has virtually run out of room, and the establishment republicans have shifted left to fill the big government progressive void that remained after the dems shift.

We can all see this shift to the left in the Republican Party, beholding to their big money, pay to play donors, and others who think a big bloated federal government is okay, so long as they run it.

It has always been us conservatives who complained about our party not doing our bidding, so to speak – that the GOP was the fractured party. Many would gripe about a lack of republican unity. Why can’t we unite like the democrats?

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Well, it seems the days of democrat unity may be coming to a close. It appears we may have entered the era of the loony left. An era when merely being a liberal isn’t left enough.

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There are two demonstrable indications of this phenomenon. One is national, with the seeming implosion of Hillary Clinton, and the other regional, but with national implications – the very real threat that Rahm Emanuel may actually lose his reelection bid for Mayor of Chicago.

I never thought I’d see the day when neither Hillary nor Rahm “don’t let a good crisis go waste” Emanuel were not leftist enough—but that’s how it appears with Hillary, and it’s a fact with Rahm.

For years, both have been darlings of the left; but recently, the radical leftist group MoveOn.org has been organizing against them and promoting off the hook radicals and communists.

They, MoveOn, are the ones who began promoting that provocateur Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, with their Run-Liz-Run campaign. Fauxcahontas has stated she will not run if Hillary is in the race, so her draft-Warren, agents of change will do their level best to take out Hillary and clear the path for Warren – the originator of “you didn’t build that.”

I have no proof, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Obama will dispatch, if he hasn’t already, a covert political hit squad to take Hillary out and help the seemingly more radically unhinged Warren.

Although it is unsaid, we all know there is no love lost between Obama and the Clintons, and I believe he thinks that if Hillary gets elected, she may roll back some of his radical advancements. I don’t think she would, but I think he believes it. I also think he knows that Warren will build on the foundation he’s laid with no fear of any rollback.

Now, frankly, I was stunned when I first saw that MoveOn had actively promoted someone to challenge Emanuel, but then I remembered that MoveOn is as radical as one can get. So radical that they have come to call Rahm “Mayor 1%,” and have instead backed the ultra-leftist Jesús “Chuy” García. He is also backed by the Daily Kos, and we all know how mainstream they are.

In support of Garcia, former White House aide Bill Curry wrote in Salon that “A Garcia victory would be a historic watershed not just for Chicago or for Democrats but for all progressives. It wouldn’t just frighten the Wall Street Dems who now reign over their national party. It would alter the terms of debate even beyond the party and prove, to cynics and to ourselves, that the power of ideas is still greater than the power of money and that grass-roots politics is not dead.”

The Independent Sentinel reported that in 1986 Garcia ran for a seat on the Chicago city council. His opponent, Guadalupe Martinez, now deceased, said, “My opponent Jesus Garcia is 100 percent communist, if not 110 percent.” Garcia’s list of friends includes Alice Palmer (a socialist who was tied to Soviets), Danny K Davis (socialist), Tony Rezko (criminal), Timuel Black (socialist) and Barack Obama (you decide). When he ran for Cook County Commissioner in 2009, his running mate was card-carrying Communist Party USA affiliate Rudy Lozano, Jr.

This is the guy who has garnered enough support in the Windy City to possibly unseat the merely liberal Emanuel.

The radical left, the socialists, the communists, and the Marxists have become emboldened by the gains they appear to be making, and although it’s fun to watch the run-of-the-mill liberals squirm as they get a taste of their own medicine – after these insurgents dispatch, the liberals they will be coming for us, and we best be prepared.

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