Winning Back Our Culture Will Take Winning Back Education

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the opportunity to peer into our public education system and see firsthand just how bad our system is failing our children. I mentioned the other day that many children, in high school no less, are having difficulty reading. Not only reading; reviewing what was read in order to study seemed like a lost concept to many of them. I sat in front of a class of high school kids and had to teach them how to correlate a title of a paragraph with review questions at the end of the chapter, in order how to determine how to find the answer. In other words, there was no solid study habits ingrained in many of these kids.

If this isn’t bad enough, I taught at a middle school where clear back packs are issued to the students because of the rampant drug and violence problem among eighth graders. Middle schools with drug problems, that’s the reality of education in America today. Speaking with the students it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that America will be finished as these generations become adults and are completely clueless as to what is going on around them. While there is a handful of kids who show an obvious sense of disdain for what they witness in these classrooms, they are the ones who are truly being left behind as the system has to cater to those who simply don’t care. It’s reminiscent of the Chicago study I wrote about the other day with the lower achieving math students being placed into a class with the higher achieving students. The results obviously favored the lower achieving as the whole system had to be curtailed to meet their needs, thus leaving those thirsting for knowledge behind. This is happening on a much larger scale as schools are forced to deal with behavioral issues; this leaves the students that do behave in the dust because they are being forced to meet the same low standard.

Who would be held responsible for something like this, the teacher, the school district, the Department of Education? I don’t know, but I think it’s a problem because no one is being held responsible for it. I think on one level you have a deliberate attempt to implement standards that lower academic achievement in order to pursue this abstract concept of “total equality” and create compliant citizens. While, on another level, you have the teachers who went into the profession for all the right reasons and now have no idea how to even identify what is going wrong in the system. Their hands are tied, and their job depends upon their compliance. Not only that, many teachers are completely unaware of many of the topics discussed among conservatives, i.e. the communist infiltration into education etc. It is likely that these teachers are a byproduct of the very system that teaches them just to go along to get along themselves; therefore they are unlikely to buck the system and bring unwanted attention to themselves, which is why it will never change. Folks, we have to buck the system.

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If you are a regular reader of my articles, or if you have researched anything about education than you know much of this represents a one hundred year plan to change our culture. John Dewey, Antonio Gramsci and others viewed education as a means of gaining control of the minds of young people so they could control the population. Reversing this is going to require nothing less than that folks. We have to start now, not with the attitude that we are just realizing our country is being taken over, but with one that acknowledges it already has been. Changing our culture back is not going to happen while conservative minded Americans are more concerned about careers, prestige, retirement plans and their next vacation. All of this feeds into the plans of the socialists that control them. That’s right; this system has been controlled by these people for a long time, that’s why so many are afraid to speak up. When you’re afraid to speak up out of fear of losing your job, or fear of standing out, you are not free; you are serving the system that has silenced you.

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Winning our culture back will take nothing less than the same dedication that the socialists have displayed in destroying it. Dedicating one hundred percent of your efforts toward influencing the young minds in this country is what it is going to take. This is why fields like education are completely dominated by liberals; they understand their objective, transforming the hearts and minds of your kids, so they reflect the ideals of collectivism. While they were doing this, everyone else was distracted by the allure of working hard to achieve the unachievable because it was being destroyed right before our very eyes. While you are setting an example for little Johnny by working hard and saving money, the people you send them off to be educated by are teaching them this system is greedy, and you are selfish. We simply can no longer sit on the sidelines and claim we need change while allowing the socialists to dominate the fields best suited to implement it.

In the past, I have written extensively about being educated on Saul Alinsky and social activism in the college classroom. Social work education, at the bachelor level was nothing short of being taught how to be democratic operatives, or “social change agents.” In other words, colleges are teaching your kids how to be radicals, how to be a boat rocker. Occupy Wall Street was a perfect example of this as many of those people were college students begging for socialism. I tell you this to stress the urgency in which we need to act folks. We have to be the change we want to see and by doing this we have to start becoming the teachers, we have to start becoming the social workers, we have to start showing these kids how the liberals are failing them. We have to take advantage of the dire economic opportunities and use the fact that jobs like teaching and other “social service” related jobs are what is available and stack these positions with motivated conservatives, until; well until one hundred years from now we have changed our culture back.

Maybe I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, but after seeing firsthand the extent education in America has been destroyed, from the perspective of a college student arguing with communist professors, and as a teacher inside the system, it has to be said again. I can only hope that what I say will resonate.

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