The Winds of Change Are Blowing in America

Change for America has already been written in the history books. The Left set out on a mission to fundamentally transform this nation, and they are succeeding at an alarming rate. We are living in a time where so many are completely clueless as to what the intentions of the founding fathers were for the people of this country; and we are literally witnessing society give up their rights to self-governance for the false promise that somebody can care for them better than they can care for themselves.

Little by little this has all been accomplished through education, as the government has taken the classical conditioning approach to indoctrinating your children. Methods that reward children for going along while humiliating and punishing those that dissent have long been employed in our public schools, and the results are obvious;  an unquestioning population that simply goes along to get along, believing the government is going to provide them what they need. Many of these people are so far gone they can’t even begin to comprehend the danger that the national debt of $17 trillion represents to all of us. Children being born today are coming into this world $50,000 in debt; and yet, many of these people demand the government borrow more money as a means of improving the economy. That is truly the height of stupidity. This represents decades of government indoctrination, and now that they see the effectiveness of their conditioning methods, they have a new objective.

As we speak, we have school children who for all practical purposes, are literally being conditioned through lies and propaganda to give up their freedoms, and allow the government to re-write the Constitution. Schools across the country are giving kids assignments that ask them to either eliminate or change amendments to the Bill of Rights. The lessons are based on the idea that they are outdated and no longer needed in today’s complex and ever changing world. If I didn’t know better, I would argue that these young people are being prepped for the upcoming constitutional convention, or a convention of the states for that matter.

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I have a lot of respect for Mark Levin, but given the fact that these kids are being conditioned to beg for change makes the idea of bringing government together for the purpose of changing the constitution a scary one. Especially when you consider the fact these children are being asked to change something they have never been properly educated about in the first place. To give another example of the brazen audacity of the left wing, they have taken the liberty to preemptively rewrite some of these amendments themselves. Some of these books reinterpret the second amendment, for example, in a way that is clearly anything but what the founders intended. Kids will graduate high school believing they have a duty to register their firearms with the government.

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These people are not afraid of what we will think about it because we have failed to hold them accountable for far too long. In fact, when questioned about the motives of these fraudulent lessons they have the nerve to lie by saying they are not intending to subvert the constitution through such lessons, but encourage critical thinking. I once wrote an article about the origins of critical thinking, and I have to believe that this is indeed their goal. Getting children to be “critical” of the Constitution is certainly one way to guarantee that they will beg for its demise. Critical thinking originated at the Frankfort School of Social research and was intended to introduce “cultural Marxism” into American schools. It’s one, and only purpose is to teach the young and gullible to be critical of their own cultures to condition them for change.

This should outrage you America, and the fact that we remain silent only empowers them to continue with this socialist agenda. By lying to children about the constitution, and failing to teach it to them in its proper context, the Left is spitting in the face of all of those that served this nation to defend the very liberties that they despise. They fill the minds of our youth with poison, while their fathers died on foreign shores defending ideals that now, may as well have died with them because we failed to stand for liberty here at home.

There is a cloth patch that I have grown to admire; you often see it hanging in the halls of the local V.A. hospitals, however, unfit a setting. It’s something you would expect to see on the back of a biker’s leather jacket, as it sports the American eagle and our proud colors. It has the most profound statement I think I have ever read. “A nation that forgets its defenders is a nation soon forgotten.” As the Left continues to spit in the face of those who love this country, and those who have died defending it, I have a little statement of my own I would like to share. As you continue pushing our beloved country into nothing but another forgotten “ash heap” of history, there is one thing that will always be remembered by those who love this nation. That is those who have lied, cheated and stolen pushing an agenda for their own personal gain.  

God Bless America

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