There seems to be some confusion as to the situation in Iraq and Syria, at least in Washington D.C.. Barack Obama is (right now, at least) adamant that there will be no American combat troops used in the fight against ISIS. In years past, Obama has ignored the advice from top military advisers and chiefs of staff regarding Iraq. He was so dead set on getting us out of there that he did not listen to anyone about leaving behind a containment force to prevent exactly what has happened right now. Instead of thinking in military and strategic terms, it's always about politics with our president.  What we face in Iraq and Syria right now, in regards to ISIS at least, could have been prevented if Obama had listened to his generals. There is a distinct possibility the crisis we now face would not have been created in the first place.  But Obama does not feel compelled to listen to the real "professionals" when it comes to matters of foreign policy or military strategy, and the results of that can clearly be seen right now, especially in the Middle East.

From this journalist's viewpoint, I can see that Obama has nothing but contempt for our military and the proof of that can clearly be seen in the way he constantly ignores the advice he has been given in the last six years. He hasn't learned from his mistakes and he continues to do the same things over and over again, all the while expecting different results—and that is the very definition of "stupid." Vladimir Putin called Obama a "monkey with a hand grenade." I disagreed with that statement because most animals (especially primates) tend to learn from their mistakes. But not so in the case of our president, and no matter what kind of spin he (or the mainstream media) puts on things, the situation in Iraq and Syria is at a crisis point that will require direct American combat troops to deal with it. If not right this moment, then definitely in the next few months. And, as I mentioned in my previous article, that would cost more young American men and women service personnel their lives.

I realize that our president truly believes in his own divinity, that by the mere sound of his soothing, educated voice, he can heal all wounds, he can bring together all mankind in a celebration of unity and even heal the sick like Jesus did. But here in the real world, that is sadly just not a reality. Because of his total lack of understanding of foreign policy, he has actually created the firestorm that now engulfs part of the planet. And his so-called "solutions" for dealing with it are, at best, childish in their simplicity and wishful (but not practical) thinking.

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This is where I wish the president would just go golfing for an extended period of time and leave military matters to the pros from Dover. But heaven forbid he politicize this entire thing and make it worse than what it is right now. So far, ISIS has publicly beheaded 3 people, and I'm sure there will be many more to come. It's going to take overwhelming military might to crush these barbarian throw-backs to the 7th century and send them to hell where they belong, but with Obama in-charge of the military....I just don't see that happening.

As long as we have an idealistic demagogue for a president who panders to the parasites of society, things aren't likely to get better anytime too soon. I wonder what it does take for this president to grow a pair and act like the leader of the free world.

Hey, Mr. President....don't you think a golfing trip sounds really good about now?

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