Will You Pick Up The Baton Of Freedom In America?

In 1769, my family emigrated from a small town in Germany and settled in the British colony of North Carolina. Members of my family fought and died in every war from the American Revolution through Vietnam and some have served during recent conflicts. So, when I hear a family member say, “You know, I think it’s time to find somewhere else to live and I mean leave this country,” I know things are seriously amiss.

My family are like most Americans: hard-working, tax paying, law abiding, middle-class, American-loving individuals who have never dreamed of being rich or famous. They broke their backs working to earn a living, provide security for their family and care for members who were ill or disabled. Comprised of Christians of varying denominations, they firmly held to solid moral/ethical values and principles often sacrificing an individual need for the sake of other members. When called upon to serve their country and protect America and the freedoms this country stands for, they took up arms gladly by fighting directly or sacrificing at home in the name of liberty.

To hear that statement produced a significant amount of awe and shock. I then thought back to the time of World War II when people were leaving Germany in mass exoduses to avoid the oppressive tyranny of the Third Reich. Many German citizens escaped while unfortunately, some did not and paid the ultimate price. Those who sought to free themselves and did recognized the turning of events that signaled a downfall of civilized government into a regime of tyranny and insanity. Some stayed offering resistance, albeit at times meager, to the ever increasing tyranny, but it was still resistance and played a role in the downfall of that regime.

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My mind visited the time of the Bolshevik revolution and the institution of Bolshevism leading to the formation of Communism. I thought about what happened to millions in China when government changed. All over the world, the history of the formation of tyrannical government led to denial of God-given rights.

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Making the statement to leave was not done lightly and was not done by a family member who was young. It was made by someone who has seen the years of their life pass and face the realization that few years are left to enjoy. They enjoyed and experienced the freedoms of American and honored her traditions through productivity to the best of their ability. Exercising their voting privilege, writing numerous letters to Congress and speaking out against local issues that encroached freedoms was undertaken throughout their life to maintain the intent of the Constitution. Seeing the erosion of America brought forth in their lifetime has produced a heavy heart and desire to spend their remaining years clutching the freedoms God has bestowed upon them somewhere else.

A neighbor of mine has a friend who lived in Germany during the World War II era: the brand of numbers on her arm forever reminding her of that time. This woman made it out and settled in America. My neighbor told us this woman was asked many times, “How could you leave everything you had and come here with nothing?”

Her answer was a simple, “How could you not?”

Lucky for her, there was a shining star of freedom and liberty that resonated across the globe offering a safe haven for those who believe in God-given rights and freedoms along with limited civil government. This was the America of old.

No one these days wants to talk of the past and the atrocities committed or suffered through for whatever reason. Denial may play a part along with the “it can’t happen here” attitude. But, I am reminded of a quote that states those who refuse to acknowledge and learn history are those who are destined to repeat it.

The elders of our society have seen and witnessed much. While the desire to continue to struggle to maintain freedom remains, the physical/mental ability to walk the long road of recovery has waned. These elders have seen the past and recognized where it could lead. They have fought the good fight, but have seen subsequent generations abandon sound principles and logic in favor of passing ideological fads. What wisdom they have, what bravery and courage they possess along with sound moral/ethical principles will soon be gone, never to be recovered, unless the baton is picked up and carried forward. Will you pick it up?

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