Will the World End on or About October 1st? That’s What I Hear…

So how do we prepare for October 1st?

I was reading another article on another website that talked about something terrible happening on or around October 1st that would usher in Martial Law throughout the United States and elsewhere. Will the world end? They cited a number of interesting facts like UN Peacekeepers being trained for urban warfare training to the tune of nearly 400,000 individuals. The Center for Disease Control has ordered $11 million dollars worth of antibiotics. By September 28th, all DHS agents must qualify with sidearm, shotguns, and ARs. The list goes on and of course, it’s enough to make you wonder what is really going to happen in the United States?

World End
This might create problems…

As I continued reading, the article listed all of the things that are supposed to be in place by October 1st. Then I began reading through the comments. The comments were interesting because in large part, they reflected what the article said and what people were going to do about it to ensure their own (and their family’s safety.

Out of the group, I noticed one lone voice, who essentially said something to the effect that the reason why October 1st was so important was due to the fact that the date begins the new fiscal year for the federal government. Everything purchased in the previous fiscal year (which ends on September 30th), must be in place so that the new fiscal year could begin with a clean slate.

I read that comment and continued reading through more of the comments. I could not find ONE person who posted a response to that person’s post about the fiscal year of the federal government. They all went on talking about an upcoming false flag – possibly a nuclear device or EMP – and the person who spoke with reason was ignored.

I firmly believe we are moving toward a point in society where things will start to crash. As I’ve said before, since our economy is artificially being propped up, that cannot last forever. The bankers (Global Elite) who control things will do what it takes to cause a global crash when they have their new financial system installed and ready to go. I think that’s a given.

The problem, though, is when we have people who tend to get all riled up over what may actually be business as usual. We all know how government spending works. Individual departments need to spend what’s in their budget by a certain date. If they don’t, they will receive LESS for the next fiscal year because the government will say, “Oh, you didn’t need as much as we gave you? Okay, here’s less.”

Because of this, government funded entities spend all their money so that they receive at the very least the same amount they had received the previous year.

As far as October 1st, it marks the end of the federal government’s fiscal year; nothing more and nothing less. It does not mean the apocalypse is coming because of that.

I believe the apocalypse is on the way, but October 1st is simply the beginning of the new fiscal year for the federal government. If something happens then or around that time, it would be coincidental.

In the meantime, if you’re not a Christian, you worry, I guess. You prepare until you drive yourself crazy and then prepare some more. Eventually, you’ll wear yourself out, but hopefully not.

If you are a Christian, keep spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. We work, while we watch. We don’t stop working just to watch. People need Christ, period.

Keep working. We cannot stop working because something may happen. Christians are the light of this world. As the moon reflects the light of the sun (and has no light of its own), so too, do we reflect the love of Christ to a world in utter darkness.

If we stop working, how will that light continue to spread? Cheer up, Zephaniah 3:5 says “He faileth not…” That truth should be our guiding reality. He will never leave or forsake us. That’s His promise, not mine. Does He have the integrity to back up His Word?

I believe He does. Do not falter. Do not give up. Keep working because this life is but a vapor.

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