As there is much speculatation over who Thursday night's "mystery speaker" might be, it is interesting that actor Clint Eastwood will travel to Tampa, Florida to attend the convention.

Some have speculated that the mystery speaker would be former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. That doesn't seem likely in the wake of her comments about a third party.

The Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein tossed up five names of potential mystery speakers. He listed Joe Lieberman as number one. Seriously, I had to do a double take on that one. If that were the case it would mean the RNC just emptied the magazine into both legs. I'm betting it isn't Lieberman.

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He then went on to list Colin Powell, Nancy Reagan, and Tim Tebow rounding out the line-up. However, number four was Clint Eastwood.

Some viewed Eastwood's controversial Super Bowl ad for Chrysler as a message that was in favor of Barack Obama.

However, the eighty-two year old actor (has it been that long??) gave his support to Mitt Romney earlier this month and no doubt as one that has actually governed in politics at least he might have something to say that might actually be informative.

Reports are that he is to arrive either late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning in Tampa. If the speaker is Eastwood, he will be filling the slot just prior to Senator Marco Rubio's introduction of Mitt Romney.

I like Clint Eastwood. He will always be Dirty Harry for me. We'll see if he is the one that will make the RNC's day.

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