Will Obamacare Be Used to Take Away Your Guns?

So the question is can the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) ultimately be used to take away your guns and/or our 2nd Amendment? Theoretically, I think the answer is YES.

To be transparent, all I am going on here is past events to where we are now and my own personal speculation; basically my own prediction FOR THE RECORD.

obamacare_shots21The roll out of the Affordable Care Act is obviously a monstrosity. Arguably the biggest failure of anything ever rolled out in the US. Now I realize that our current Administration leaves a lot to be desired but I am having a hard time believing that they did not know this was going to happen prior to it happening. Facts are starting to show up that prove that they did, in fact, know the website was going to crash and burn as it has but they forced it out on October 1, 2013 anyways. Why would they do that? Because it was built to intentionally fail.

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Go with me here. We roll out a faulty health care plan that encompasses the use of the current Independent Health Insurance companies. Trying to roll a plan out that intentionally cuts them out would have been a Political Suicide but if a plan that does include them rolls out and fails miserably, then the Administration can say…Well we tried to incorporate the Independent Insurance companies in our plan but it failed miserably, so we are going to regroup and now roll out a Single Payer System. This now cuts out all independent insurance companies and puts 100% of the money in the Governments hands. The very bad about this is that the care you get, or don’t get, is now determined by the Government. Canada just recently passed the Death Panel law to put that into perspective for you.

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Once the Government has 100% responsibility to your health care and healthcare costs, they can then pretty much control every other aspect of your life as well and justify it to your well-being and their cost. Here’s what I mean…Chocolate causes obesity, so now chocolate is outlawed. These vehicles do not protect you properly and we are paying too much for accident injuries, so until these requirements are met, you can only buy these vehicles. And finally, we are spending way too much providing care to gunshot victims, so we have to outlaw guns! And just like that, our 2nd Amendment is gone.

The push for gun control is on and in full swing because it is the only thing left, the 2nd Amendment that is, between us and complete and total Tyranny.

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