Who Will be Hollywood’s Next Enemy?

I remember my children asking me a while back why North Korea has become the go-to enemy on TV, etc. I told them at the time that North Korea was a safe and easy target to use as an international bad guy. Nobody really liked them. Their leader was a bad guy and pretty much unprotected by any politically correct blanket. Up until now, although it hasn’t been confirmed, North Korea did not appear to care about being the villain.

How things have changed. Hollywood has evidently stepped over a red line that the North Korean leader, that pygmy Kim Jong-un drew. I guess he doesn’t see the humor of a fake assassination attempt in a dopey movie. The left should have known better. It’s not like this is “The Assassination of George W. Bush, A Love Story” (available at Amazon.com for about $50, and no, I’m not going to link to it) or anything.

All kidding aside though – I guess Hollywood now understands that when the leader of a nation draws a red line, you’d best take it seriously, except if that line is drawn in the sands of Syria. Then it’s just a joke. Get it?

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So now that North Korea is off limits, where can Hollywood turn?

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Lots of people hate the communist thug government in Cuba, and they don’t seem very threatening. How about them?

Oh wait… Cuba is now off the evil enemies list. What – you haven’t heard? They are our buddies as of say… yesterday. Obama and Kerry wish to normalize relationships with yet another brutal regime. Kerry even wants Cuba taken off the list of terrorist sponsors. So now that Obama loves them (he probably always did), they certainly wouldn’t make good Hollywood villains.

I guess that gesture by Cuba of releasing the prisoner, Alan Gross, who was just trying to provide Internet to the Cuban citizens, really touched the heart of our benevolent leader of the free world.

I have an idea that may cement good relations between our two countries. Why don’t we American taxpayers finish the job that Gross started? We could add another couple bucks to our phone bills to provide high-speed Internet to the Cubans. Don’t be surprised if some jerk in Congress suggests that – or maybe Al Gore – but I digress.

So let’s see – Cuba is off the list. Hollywood can’t use Russia or Putin. Other than Putin’s whole anti-homosexual agenda, Hollywood is in line ideologically with Putin, Russia, and the rebirth of communism. That, and if you cross Puty-Pute, you will be shot, poisoned, drawn and quartered, impaled, and maybe even waterboarded.

So where does that leave the left? Muslim extremists? What, are you kidding? They will behead you over a cartoon – plus they are a protected class.

I guess that leaves Hollywood with no one but their old standby – conservatives, the KKK, white supremacists, and the militia – all of which are interchangeable, according to the left. The KKK is only a safe bet until people find out that the majority of the Klan were southern Democrats – and then they’re out.

So it seems conservatives are the only safe bet to use as villains in Hollywood, but that begs a question: how can it be that the left paints all us conservatives as unstable right wing, gun-toting hayseeds and who invariably point to us when there is some sort of mass shooting in America, yet evidently we are one of the few groups they feel safe in vilifying on TV and in the movies?

If the leftists in Hollywood really thought we were as dangerous as they claim, wouldn’t they treat us with the same kid gloves as they do the bloodthirsty Islamists or North Korea? The answer is, of course, that they know we are not dangerous killers. They know we preach live and let live and will not react violently to their constant rhetorical bashing. That’s why it’s easy for them to treat us that way. There’s no consequence, and they know it.

So I don’t know how much money they spent on this movie, but I’m guessing it will be close to a total loss. I hope the actors got paid up front.

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