There is no one who enjoys a good movie like myself. Especially if it is historical in nature. While I confess the the new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is not historical (duh), the trailer is pretty captivating and seems to be well done.

As close as Hollywood and Washington have become over the past decades it should come as no surprise that a lot of films that have been produced have been used for propaganda. This one caused me to think in those very terms when I saw the trailer several weeks ago. In fact, it has caused several people to think that.

One of those people, The Godfather, wrote an interesting piece on just this view, concerning the film. In it he writes,

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“It’s time vampires got a nation of our own.”

The vampires are advocates of states’ rights. The vampires are today’s conservatives who want to maintain the status quo. Abraham Lincoln will use his considerable skills to put an end to the Tenth Amendment nonsense.

Don’t be surprised if Democrats start portraying conservatives as vampires and Barack Obama as Abraham Lincoln, the Republican vampire hunter.

Interestingly enough, the media had already been calling Mitt Romney a vampire for weeks. Though Romney is no conservative, he is a part of the party that claims to be conservative.

What I found most interesting in all of this is how a long string of films could be produced that would basically re-vamp (pun intended) every U.S. president into something just a little more than they were and I'm sure that each would have the potential to do very well.

Asawin Suebsaeng, over at Mother Jones, picked up on the idea and take a listen to a few of his ideas. By the way, he has a theme for president's 1-6 and 28-44. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 1. George Washington: Acid-Pterosaur Poacher. He resigns his commission in 1783...while fighting off flying reptiles that spew acid at the behest of a bitter British elite.
  • 3. Thomas Jefferson: Big-Pimpin' Zombie Drop-Kicker. Completely dominates Islamist bandits centuries before it was cool. (Spoiler: The bandits all turn out to be zombies.)
  • 29. Warren G. Harding: The Man Who Tamed The Hulk. Goes down in history as America's first black president. Also, Warren challenges The Hulk to a cage match. Just cuz.
  • 33. Harry Truman: Giant-Preying-Mantis Exterminator. Simply put: The bug stops here.
  • 35. John Kennedy: Cyborg Enabler. Uses the Central Intelligence Agency to install the ultimate Arab nationalist cyborg, S.A.D.D.A.M.
  • 41. George H. W. Bush: Dragon Aggravator. Invades Panama in order to blast Van Halen songs at a pissed off, drug-trafficking dragon.
  • 42. Bill Clinton: Medusa Punisher. You know what this is.

I'm sure some readers could come up with some of their own as well.

For the trailer, in case you've missed it, or like me you just enjoy it:

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