Why Yes Piers Morgan, I Do Want A Tank!

On Wednesday evening radio host and Breitbart.com contributor Dana Loesch was a guest on CNN with Piers Morgan and the topic was….you guessed it, gun control. While Loesch was a guest on the show, she was not in studio. Columnist Scottie Hughes joined Piers in studio as the “debate,” if you can call it that, took place. At one point Morgan began to lose such control over the issue of the Second Amendment, that he completely lost control with Hughes, that he asked, “Do you want a tank?”

Prior to coming on the show, Loesch took Morgan to task with regards to his gun knowledge, or I should say, lack of gun knowledge. In a flurry of Tweets, Morgan simply could not make his point or even keep up with what he was talking about.

As he began interviewing Hughes in Studio, he pressed her on the issue of gun control and asked if she would cap ammunition magazines to a ten round limit. Hughes exclaimed, “No, because it doesn’t say so in the Constitution.” She asked Morgan where there are “bullet points” in the Constitution, referring to specific regulations on arms.

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He then went on to dig himself further into a hole by asking “Where does it say that you can have an assault weapon that can fire a hundred bullets in a minute in your Constitution?”

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Hughes blasted Morgan, “Oh Piers, more importantly where does it say I cannot?” When Morgan wanted to follow up and ask where is the limit, she declared, “There’s not!”

When Morgan attempted to point out the regulations and restrictions already in place, Hughes pointed to the fact that they should have never been put into place, which provoked Morgan to ask “So do you want a tank?” While Hughes said she didn’t want one and that her mayor would be upset, she said “Sure” and indicated that it was part of the non-existent bullet points in the Second Amendment.

Morgan then turned to Loesch and asked her if she wanted a tank. As she began to respond, he couldn’t help himself from interrupting her, until finally she was able to speak and she absolutely nailed it! Here’s what she said:

“The interesting thing about the writing of our Constitution is that our founding fathers were very specific in what was and was not mentioned in terms of the Second Amendment. Musket is not mentioned in the Second Amendment. Firearms is what’s mentioned; arms, period, is what’s mentioned in the Second Amendment.

There are two reasons why we were successful in the Revolutionary War. Number one: Guerrilla tactics. Number two: We had the same weapons capability as those against whom we were fighting and I think that if you can’t glean my answer from that, I think it’s pretty definitive.”

In other words, the answer is there is not a restriction on the Second Amendment. The people have a right to arm themselves with whatever their government arms themselves with or whatever a foreign army arms itself with.

Hughes, who wrote about losing her brother Cliff at the age of twelve to a jealous boy with a rifle shot to the head at point blank range, also wrote,

While you might think my mother would be a strong anti- gun proponent, she realized it was not the guns’ fault for the death of Cliff. It was a failed system and irresponsible parenting who were as much to blame as anything.

As I grew up, my mother insisted I learned to defend myself. If Cliff’s death had taught her anything it was that. Whether it be hand to hand self-defense, environmental defense or with a gun, I have been raised to respect the power of a weapon I received the highest accuracy rating and grade in my concealed hand gun permit class. I also pride myself on better aim then my former Army officer husband.

Since the events of December 14th, there have been countless numbers of articles and interviews over gun owner’s rights, particularly from those opposed to them. I am beginning to think those on the left were waiting for a tragedy like this to happen just so they could reignite the argument over gun control. Taking the advice of Rahm Emanuel, they were quick to “not let a serious crisis go to waste.”

The hypocrisy of their claims are amazing considering this is the same administration who put guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords to use against law enforcement. The propagandists also cavalierly dismiss the numerous examples of public shooting sprees halted because of a legal gun permit holder’s actions for fear it would encourage legal gun ownership.

Real gun control looks like a land where upstanding, responsible, law abiding citizens actually carry their guns with them in almost any location. Crimes are reduced based on the fact that criminals don’t know if their target is packing a weapon or not. Real gun control looks like a competitive health care system where insurance agencies don’t determine the mental health status of a person rather than a doctor, and our politically-correct society allows dangerous people to be identified, labeled and hospitalized before they commit a crime.

Ms. Hughes’ mother, though wounded emotionally did not respond emotionally. She responded responsibly. She taught her daughter there is no Utopia here on earth. She taught he that she would need to be able to defend herself against evil people. She didn’t blame guns for her son’s death, even though one was used to commit the murder. In fact, Hughes points out that her mother never even prosecuted the boy that killed him and that the last day they saw that boy was the day they buried Cliff.

My fellow Americans, we could all learn something from this and that is we live in a fallen world. Because of that we must teach and train our children to not be irresponsible, naive adolescents all their lives, but to grow to be courageous, intelligent and wise young men and women. We must teach them not to be swayed by an emotional argument, when there is a more firm logical argument.

Not only has Morgan had his rearend spanked numerous times by several men, but now two women utterly destroy his arguments on national television. By the way, the entire episode is worth the watch as Morgan becomes so outraged that I really think if he had a firearm he would have shot Hughes and then shot the monitor with Loesch on it. Instead, he crumpled up a piece of paper and threw it across the table. Way to go ladies!

On a side note, “Yes Piers Morgan, I do want a Tank and while I’m at it, it would be a nice thing to have an aircraft carrier with a few fighter jets on it as well.”

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