Why Should Americans Be Shocked By The Actions Of The IRS?

I am having a difficult time figuring out why everyone is so surprised that the IRS was targeting conservative groups, at the exclusivity of everyone else filing for tax exempt status. If you haven’t noticed conservatives have been under full assault for some time from just about anything attached to a left leaning organization. People were literally looking for opportunities to prove that a crazy right winger committed an atrocity or that republicans are racist and don’t care about your children. The left even goes as far as targeting black conservatives for jumping off the entitlement bandwagon and forming an independent thought of their own. Honestly I was not shocked at all to hear about this because I personally have been at the forefront of nasty assaults from the left myself and I have been writing about this as well as other ways in which conservatives have been targeted for some time. Let’s have a quick review shall we?

In 2009, shortly after President Obama took office we were all shocked at how the administration came out and labeled veterans a potential threat to national security. This was part of a larger report entitled- “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Recruitment and Radicalism.” Not only were veterans targeted but people who took the Bible literally, people who owned guns, people who distrust government, and people with a “Don’t tread on me” bumper sticker on their car were all labeled terrorists. (As soon as I read that report I put one of those stickers on my car you know)It doesn’t really matter that they pulled the report based on its controversial subject matter, the seed was planted. The main reason cited for the rise in “terrorist activity” among Americas lunatic right wing fringe; the election of our first African American President of course. To be honest with you the report may have carried more credibility if they would have called him our first communist president. The race card loses a lot of weight when you get accused of being a racist for supporting Herman Cain instead of Barrack Obama. True story by the way, Well what I learned in college is that Herman Cain would be much happier if he returned to the plantation and viewed himself as an oppressed victim instead of a successful American.

In 2003 there was another article published that I believe may have contributed to the mindset necessary to write such garbage. Published in the social science journal “Psychological Bulletin” this article is called “Political Conservatism as Motivation for Social Cognition.” The authors of this hodgepodge of social psychobabble claim that political conservatives are mentally ill because of our resistance to accept “social change.” It’s interesting because as a student in the social sciences I have asked many a student what they mean when they purposely accentuate the words “social change.” I understood they were doing it to make a good impression on the professor of course; however to this day a definitive explanation of social change has eluded me. I did receive an answer one day though, and folks I am sorry to tell you this guy now has a Masters degree. When asking him what social change meant he simply said he wants health care. Yet somehow I am the one who is mentally ill here. Such is the way I suppose. Anyhow back to this article, the authors go on to explain that political conservatives are mentally ill because we are rigidly adhering to outdated principles and that we justify gross inequalities as a means of tolerating our own racist attitudes. If you are wondering about the relevancy of this to anything just keep in mind that mental health laws are guiding firearm debates. Will conservatives be barred from owning weapons because of our refusal to go along with big government choo choo train? I think you know the answer to that.

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Finally I want to touch on an issue near and dear to my heart because I have experienced it on such a personal level. I enrolled in a social work program after receiving a two year degree and found out that political conservatives are absolutely despised in our left wing universities. They don’t care to try to fix it neither because according to the other articles you see, we are mentally ill terrorists, so their hatred is justified. After the first semester at Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow Oklahoma I was informed I may be “unfit” to be a professional helper because I disagreed with white privilege. In other words I wouldn’t admit to being a racist oppressor because I was white. In fact I was explicitly told that the whole program would be revolving around this concept from this point on. I am not the only one who has faced such scrutiny; there are numerous stories of conservatives being discriminated against because of their conservative stance on social issues. A girl at the University of Michigan was kicked out of her social work program because she was refusing to advocate for gay marriage. The truth is if you go against what is becoming more and more like indoctrination instead of an education than you are making yourself a target.

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Our society is becoming increasingly similar to the environment in the old Soviet Union; if you didn’t agree with communist ideals then you were a target. If you were a political organization that was viewed unfavorably, you were a target. To me it was no surprise at all to hear that the IRS was targeting conservative groups because it is just another abuse against an opposing ideology that must be removed for the socialist progressives to be able to usurp total power from the people. What I find most interesting is the main stream Medias interest in this story as opposed to their total failure to cover Benghazi. Maybe they realize that if the IRS has this much power all it takes for them to become targets is a change of administrations, or the arrival of January 1 2014 when they assume the role of policing Obamacare. Perhaps the liberals who are eagerly going along with the rapid growth of government power should consider that statement a moment, someday all these powers you surrendered to the executive branch will be in the hands of someone who doesn’t agree with you. Hey don’t be mad at me, I have been trying to explain that to liberals for years.

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