Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be Allowed to Run for President

Soon, we may be less able to express our opinions due to more intense Government intrusion into our lives. Soon, we may have a Media, which has become nothing more than a complete extension of the government and its wishes. (That is not totally what the media now has: they still have some outlets that allow “free” transfer of ideas and suggestions.) Consider what propaganda looked like in 1939, when the Nazi Party was really getting into power. They got up and called all their opponents every name in the book to make them look bad; kind of what is being done today.  But Nazis are not in power, nor are their ideas, right?  Wait, we forget that the largest backer of one particular presidential campaign is backed by a formal Nazi sympathizer – one George Soros, and the person he backs is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has never stated that unborn children have rights, in fact, she said just the opposite on April 3, 2016:

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

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How in the world could any candidate for any office make such a statement when so many people believe that life starts at conception? Simple: she does not care about that or about the people who are injured the most by abortions: the blacks. To further this idea, she also stated:

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“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision…”

Wonder just what Margaret Sanger said and what her role in today’s world is?  Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood, but Sanger’s idea was not to help all women – no, it was much more sinister than that: it was to exterminate as many black people as she could.

Margaret Sanger  stated;

 “Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.”

Hillary Clinton should never be given the opportunity to have any office again, as this one piece of information shows her hatred for certain people through the admiration of such a vile individual as Margaret Sanger.

Next, we delve into her knowing about the Benghazi attack NOT being a video before she mentioned it was!

Hillary Clinton knew on September 11, 2012, at 11.11 PM that the attack on Benghazi was indeed an attack by an Al-Queda-like group that killed our Ambassador and a communications officer. This is not the story she layed out in a pure, totally wrongful lie later, stating it was due to a video that somehow got into the mix. Actually, Hillary Clinton sent an email to one Diane Reynolds on Tuesday September 11, 2012, at 11:11 PM stating otherwise:

“Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda-like group. The Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of…”

Does anyone remember that being shown in any information given after these heroes died?  Does anyone know when and if Hillary Clinton ever stated this in public?  But wait, this was her “private” mode, not her “public” mode, as has been stated in very recent email findings.  Hillary Clinton stood before the families of these men who gave their lives that fateful day and stated that a video caused their deaths, knowing full well that what she said was an outright lie.

Think about why she did this.  Think about what it would have meant if she had “publicly” stated this.  Let us show you why Hillary Clinton lied to the families of heroes and the people of the United States.

It was September of 2012, just about 8 weeks from the 2012 election for President – an election where Obama had stated over and over again that Al Qaeda was on the run and the United States was winning.  Does anyone recall that Obama stated many times during his campaign for a second term that he had Al Qaeda on the run?  Go back and look it up; the sites that show this are so numerous that to place them in this article would fill pages.  So, to put it simply, Google it.

Now think, use your brain, use what God gave you to understand that if this were to be shown as an attack by Al Qaeda, it would help Obama’s opponents and not him.  Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and she refused over 600 requests of help from the same men she stated were killed due to some before-unheard of video. Now, consider what that would mean to Obama’s run for another term of office; come on, think, use your brains, it would have destroyed his run for a second term, and the truth would have exposed the fact that Obama had done little to stop Al Qaeda. Hillary Clinton knew “privately” that it was an attack by an “Al Qaeda-like group,” but in her “public” view, she had to state that it was due to a video. This alone should ban Hillary Rodham Clinton from ever being in any “public” office because she cannot separate what is “public” or “private” in her mind.

Despite all that has come out about Hillary Clinton, what will scare many people is her stand on the Second Amendment. Remember the Second Amendment?  It is a short but very well-laid out paragraph of our Constitution; it gives a law-abiding individual certain rights that cannot be taken away and cannot be infringed.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It is a very simple and strict paragraph which the Supreme Court has ruled time and time again allows all law-abiding citizens to own guns. But in Hillary Clinton’s eyes, it has to be changed; it does not give the right of people to own any sort of arms they are “allowed” to own. This may be the most important part of this Presidential election, as the very court that ruled in favor of honest citizens to own guns could very well be replaced with a group of justices that will see the way Hillary Clinton sees the Constitution: as a document that has lost its place in time. The United States cannot and should not allow anyone to sit on the Supreme Court who does not respect the Constitution, and those that Hillary Clinton wishes to place upon the Supreme Court do not see the Constitution as our document of foundation – they see the Constitution as a malleable bent to fit their Socialistic ideology of making people slaves to the government and not the other way around.

Hillary Clinton has already stated that she wants a “comprehensive gun control program,” which is a code name for taking gun ownership away from the people, one step at a time.  In an interview with the Des Moines Register on August 8, 2015, Hillary Clinton stated:

“I will get the NRA shut down for good if I become president. If we can ban handguns we will do it.”

Hillary Clinton is very clear on what she wants to do. How can we allow anyone with these types of ideas about the Constitution become our president?

Hillary Clinton also wants to rule over the children, making them part of her ideology by having the government teaching, training, and raising them, rather than allowing the parents to do so.  She states in her book, It Takes a Village:

“I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise the children. Parents have a secondary role.”

We looked at the Constitution of the United States and could not find any part of the Constitution that allowed the government to “teach, train and raise” the children.  But it is Hillary Clinton’s idea to do that.

There is so much that shows that Hillary Clinton is the wrong candidate for President that we could as some have write a book about it, but it is much too late to do what others have done and shown.  It is our purpose to make sure our nation remains free from a Hillary Clinton-style of government–one in which she will rule like a dictator, not a president.  That can best be illustrated by just one of her remarks towards the people that vote for the democrats.

Hillary Clinton told Dick Morris, in Rewriting History, in 2005, the following;

“Look, the average Democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.”

Think about that for a brief moment.  Now forward to the recent release of emails from and to Hillary Clinton where she has done the same type of denigration to Catholics, Jewish people, and so many others that they cannot be listed without making a book.

Hillary Clinton says that the Democrats she touts to vote for her are, as she states, “…just plain stupid.”  Now if that is not bad enough, she goes on to mention they are also, “…easy to manipulate.” How in the world can anyone vote for this lady, given these ideas expressed by her? Maybe those who vote for Hillary Clinton really are, as she put it, “STUPID”!  But why did she say that?  Does she really look down on her voters like that? The recent emails seem to join in chorus to say “YES! Hell Yes!”

We have shown just a few of the reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be allowed to run for, much less be in, any sort of government office. We cannot show the same for Donald Trump because he admires what Hilary hates.

Our nation is facing what could be the most important election of our history, and if we vote for the Democrats, that history will be replaced with the Socialist/Communist ideology of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Please feel free to pass this on to all you know and make copies of it to distribute during Election Day: this election is that important!

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