Why Do Nearly 80% Of Americans Believe Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes?

GOP nominee Mitt Romney made the comment a week ago about 47% of Americans not paying federal income taxes. We took that apart and demonstrated the claim was true, but the rest of his comments were not true, but opinion. However, a new poll is out and it says that nearly 80% of Americans believe everyone should be paying federal income tax.

The Fox News poll, released Thursday, states,

Seventy-nine percent say everyone should pay something, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday. That includes 85 percent of Republicans, 83 percent of independents and 71 percent of Democrats.

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Most voters (73 percent) are at least somewhat familiar with the widely-broadcast videotape of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney talking about “47 percent of Americans” and the number of people paying no federal income tax. Romney also talks about his concern that the country is becoming an entitlement society and that many are too dependent on government. Journalists and pundits speculated the tape would damage Romney’s campaign. Yet a 63-percent majority thinks the substance of Romney’s comment about dependence on government is mostly (36 percent) or somewhat true (27 percent).

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Three out of four voters believes the “average American” is at least somewhat dependent on government (76 percent), while less than a third says they personally are (31 percent).

The poll also shows nearly half of voters — 46 percent — think the federal government is “trying to do too much” these days. That’s more than twice as many as say it’s doing “too little” (22 percent). Just over a quarter says the government is doing “about the right amount” (28 percent).

The poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research, a Democrat firm, and Shaw& Company Research, a Republican firm on Fox News’ behalf. One thousand ninety-two likely voters were surveyed. The margin of errors is =/- three percentage points.

The question that I have is: Why are we talking about anyone paying anymore taxes at all? Our founders, in part, broke with England over taxation, which at the time was about 2% of GDP. It was nothing! Today, we are well into double digit percentages and no one thinks a thing about it. We always want other people paying more. Why are we not asking the question of why we are paying income taxes in the first place?

Well the reality is that true freedom lovers should be demanding that the government spend less and give us back more of our money instead of taking it and just so we’re clear, that means even the rich people. They earned that money. They should be able to keep more of it.

Now are there people not paying any taxes? No. As I pointed out in that article, everyone pays taxes almost daily to local, state, and the federal government. Things should be simplified and a flat percentage rate should be placed on each household. That way no one is taxed anymore than anyone else. The poor pay a little, the middle class a little more, the rich the most, but they all pay the same percentage of income.

I wonder how many Americans are in favor of politicians no longer being able to tax and spend the way they have over the past decade. I’ll bet those numbers are high.

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