Who Says That Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Hurt Americans?

While some would argue that illegal immigration is good for the economy, most people understand what illegal immigration does. It doesn’t bring good to the economy or the nation at large. In fact, Barack Obama sees illegals as his road to a 2012 victory.

Over at End Of The American Dream they have listed ten ways in which illegal immigration damages America and its economy.

They are as follows:

  • #1 There Will Be Fewer Jobs For American Workers

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    In the United States today, 53 percent of all college graduates under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed. Many of them are absolutely desperate for work.

  • #2 Wages For American Workers Will Continue To Decline
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    When you have a lot more workers competing for the same number of jobs, what happens?

    That is right – wages go down.

  • #3 Illegal Immigrants Will Overwhelm Our Welfare System

    Every year, illegal immigrants receive tens of billions of dollars in welfare payments. They get free food assistance, free housing assistance, free health care benefits and free education for their children. Life is good if you are an illegal immigrant and you know how to game the system.

  • #4 Mexican Drug Cartels Will Establish A Presence In Nearly Every City In The United States

    Mexican drug cartels continue to expand their influence inside the United States at a frightening pace. They are slowly taking over our communities. How far do things have to go before we say enough is enough?

  • #5 There Will Be Increasing “Anti-American Violence” Inside The United States

    These days a lot of Americans are being attacked (and sometimes killed) down in Mexico.

  • #6 Massive Bribes Will Corrupt Our Judicial System

    When there are billions of dollars involved, it is inevitable that some members of the police and some members of the judiciary will take bribes.

  • #7 Gang Activity Will Continue To Grow In The United States By Leaps And Bounds

    Gang activity is absolutely exploding inside the United States.

  • #8 The Decline Of Our Health Care System Will Continue To Accelerate

    Illegal immigrants are overwhelming emergency rooms all over the country. They walk in, receive high quality treatment and often never pay after they leave.

  • #9 Legalizing Illegal Immigrants Will Cause A Huge Shift In Voting Patterns

    Instead of looking out for the American people, many Democrats support legalizing illegal immigration because it will give the Democratic Party more support at the polls.

  • #10 There Will Be A Flood Of New Illegal Immigrants

    Amazingly, far more people move into the United States illegally than come in through the legal immigration process.

There is no doubt that none of these things are good. Immigration policy is critical for a nation. We want people to come here, but we want them to come legally. There are many reasons that we do not want an influx of illegals, and one of the main ones is the strain it actually produces on jobs and the economy.

Frosty Woolbridge makes a great point on this as he writes,

“The lifetime net fiscal drain—taxes paid minus services used—for an adult immigrant is $55,200.00 according to Carrying Capacity Network. Who makes that money up? You do! Your work! Your taxes!

With a minimum of 15 million illegal aliens in our country, these figures are the tip of the iceberg.

You can count on your corporations devouring cheap labor as they send you to the unemployment lines. Additionally, they pay PAC groups to keep senators and congressmen in their back pocket. How do I know? Virtually zero companies in 2011 were taken to court for hiring illegal aliens. None went to jail. However, it’s a $10,000.00 fine per illegal alien hired and up to five years in prison. You would think that would deter corporations. Not when they’ve bought off enforcement!”

If we do not get a hold on the issue of illegal immigration, we will continue to pay a very high prices for their lawlessness and the complicity of those in Washington who will do nothing to end it truly reform it. When I say this, I mean Constitutionally, not amnesty and not executive order, as Barack Obama issued last Friday, basically saying he was not going to do his job. America needs real men with real constitutional solutions to this issue.

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