He is a registered Democrat. Because of this, he supported and voted for Barack Obama in the past elections. Within his community, he personally worked and fought for the homeless, many of whom are of African descent. When a Caucasian man, in his town and without provocation, beat a homeless African American man in a bar fight and was apparently given a pass, due to the fact that the assailant’s father was a cop, this registered Democrat and Obama supporter tirelessly went to work. He publicly demanded that the father of the assailant needed to be disciplined, citing that the police gave the son preferential treatment. He then further argued that this high-ranking police officer’s son needed to be arrested as well.

Again, this man is a registered Democrat. A supporter of President Barack Obama. He was identified as a “crusader for racial justice” by Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller and many within his community. However, his mission didn’t stop with public demands. He printed and distributed copies of fliers to neighborhood churches on bright, fluorescent-colored paper, demanding the community to “hold accountable” the officers responsible for any misconduct related to the beating of the homeless man. (See content of flier HERE)

Who is this man? Who is this champion of the left? Who is this soldier for racial justice? His name…is George Zimmerman! And now, the media and many others call him a racist. Buyer, beware.

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