White Privilege, Really?

White Privilege: we see this a lot today, especially coming from the Democratic Party. We, as are many whites that have worked extra hard to obtain what they own, are insulted by this idea that, just because a person is white, he is privileged.  It may have been true before modern day opportunities opened up, but today, if people work hard, they can obtain anything they wish.  It is the work that all cannot find today, tossed away by the “free trade” ideologies that have moved the well-paying jobs out of the United States.

We can remember those days of our “White Privilege,” when we walked down 300-foot-long rows of tomato bushes, tying them up and checking them out. We also remember that our “White Privilege” allowed us to work in the tomato fields, carrying a box almost as big as us at 10 years old, filling it up with tomatoes on Friday evenings and going back out in the fields early Saturday morning to pick the ripened tomatoes before they fell off the bush. That was real “White Privilege” having to work in the tomato fields for extra money because our fathers wanted to let us know what real work was like so we would get an education and not have to work in the fields all our life.  Yes, we remember those days of “White Privilege” where we actually worked to earn money so we could buy what we wanted.  If that is “White Privilege,” it did not help us get rich, just learn how to work for what we wanted.  Maybe it is time children today do that so they can understand that no one is “privileged.”

On the idea of jobs: today, an employer does not look at skin color, just the qualifications. Once again, some who are not qualified wish to obtain that job just because of the color of their skin. Once again, those who feel they should have the job yell and scream to the point that the employer allows the less qualified individual to obtain the job and, in the long run, the business suffers for that. The Postal Service is a prime example of how this is being done now.

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The Postal Service used to “challenge” its employees with tests to obtain a higher level of occupation. To get into the maintenance part of the Postal Operation, people had to take a test to obtain a rank for the promotion. This is being done in New Orleans, and in the Northeast, the Postal Service is allowing people with “green” cards to work ahead of U.S. Citizens.  This is not right, but they also allow “illegal aliens” to begin working at the Postal Service ahead of United States Citizens, which brings the alleged idea of “White Privilege” into question.

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If you are wondering just when this “White Privilege” idea came to be, one just has to go back to the Communist W.E.B. DuBois. This man began the theory of “White Privilege,” and it grew from there, being used to promote black anguish.

W.E.B. DuBois

In 1909 DuBois was one of the organizers of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), which, to his dismay, included mostly white leaders. DuBois stayed with the group for 25 years, influencing its policy by editing its magazine, Crisis.

In 1911 Du Bois joined the Socialist Party. He left the Party a year later, in part because of what he perceived as racism within its ranks, and in part because he wished to devote his full efforts to the endorsement of Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 Presidential bid. But DuBois remained a committed socialist and continued his contributions to the socialist press. He attended the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, which prefigured his appointment as a consultant to the American delegation at the 1945 founding of the United Nations at San Francisco.

Du Bois’ 1927 visit to the USSR inspired him to call the Soviet system “the most hopeful vehicle for the world.” In 1935 he published the book Black Reconstruction, which offered a Marxist interpretation of the Reconstruction Era. In 1942 DuBois signed a statement of the Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder, the general secretary of the Communist Party (and as the Venona transcripts later revealed the leader of a large Soviet espionage ring), who was then serving a four-year term for using false passports; President Franklin D. Roosevelt released Browder from most of his sentence as a gesture of goodwill to Stalin.

DuBois also signed a letter protesting the arrest of Chilean poet and sometime diplomat, the Communist and Soviet agent Pablo Neruda, who was briefly held on charges involving a conspiracy to assassinate Leon Trotsky.  In April 1947 Du Bois signed a statement titled “We Negro Americans,” which defended the Communist Party. In 1948 he protested the arrest of the twelve top Communist Party leaders. DuBois was also active in such fronts as the American Committee for Protection of the Foreign Born, the American Committee for a Democratic Greece, and the Civil Rights Congress. In addition, he supported Communist Party educational fronts like the Jefferson School of Social Science in New York and the California Labor School in San Francisco.  In 1948 he signed an Appeal to the U.S. Government to End the Cold War and to confer with the Soviet Union; this was precisely at the time when the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was being contemplated as a means of defending against the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe which had led to a Communist coup in Czechoslovakia.

DuBois was also involved, as a sponsor and panelist, in the Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace, a landmark Communist gathering for “peace” at the New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in March 1949. This was another Communist effort to blunt the West’s response to Communist expansion. The forum was chiefly concerned with opposing the Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe, deriding the proposed NATO defense pact, and condemning the Truman Doctrine and American Cold War policy in general.

As Du Bois grew older, he dropped any independent cover he had maintained openly joined the Communist cause. In 1950, at the age 82, he made his first bid for public office, running for the New York State Senate on the American Labor Party ticket. He lost the election but remained committed to his cause. Eight years later, he joined Trotskyists, ex-Communists, and independent radicals in proposing the creation of a united leftwing coalition to challenge for seats in the New York State elections. In 1961 he joined the Communist Party USA and emigrated to Ghana to live in Kwame Nkrumah‘s socialist police state, which he preferred to his native land. He made Herbert Aptheker, the chief theoretician of the American Communist Party, the executor of his papers.

DuBois became a citizen of Ghana. He died there in 1963, at age 95. In 1963 the Communist Party named its new youth group (a successor to the Young Communist League) the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.”

(See here)

DuBois had deep influence over the organization of the NAACP, and he is the one who began the idea of “White Privilege.”

“In his 1935 Black Reconstruction in AmericaW. E. B. Du Bois introduced the concept of a “psychological wage” for white laborers. This special status, he wrote, divided the labor movement by leading low-wage white workers to feel superior to low-wage black workers.[15] Du Bois identified white supremacy as a global phenomenon, affecting the social conditions across the world by means of colonialism.[16] For instance, Du Bois wrote:

It must be remembered that the white group of laborers, while they received a low wage, were compensated in part by a sort of public and psychological wage. They were given public deference and titles of courtesy because they were white. They were admitted freely with all classes of white people to public functions, public parks, and the best schools. The police were drawn from their ranks, and the courts, dependent on their votes, treated them with such leniency as to encourage lawlessness. Their vote selected public officials, and while this had small effect upon the economic situation, it had great effect upon their personal treatment and the deference shown them. White schoolhouses were the best in the community, and conspicuously placed, and they cost anywhere from twice to ten times as much per capita as the colored schools. The newspapers specialized on news that flattered the poor whites and almost utterly ignored the Negro except in crime and ridicule.[15]

Jump up to: a b W. E. B. Du Bois, Black Reconstruction in America, 1860–1880 (New York: Free Press, 1995 reissue of 1935 original), pp. 700–701. ISBN 0-684-85657-3.” 

Today, this ideology is used to make white people feel like they are a special group of people that had a privilege to get where they are.  This is a very unique and central idea of the Communist/Socialist ideas to destroy the freedom of the United States and turn it into a nation of idiots. The very idea that anyone today is privileged is weak at best because if people wish to make money, they just have to work hard to obtain their dreams.

“White Privilege” began in 1935, introduced by the Communist/Socialist leader of the people in that time period. It began well after DuBois joined the Socialist and Communist parties, where he learned how to work slowly and hard to make white people look like privilege people. On this page, there is a diagram showing the different wages of the different races. What it shows may be discriminatory in itself, since it claims the white race makes more than any other race.  This is destroyed in the very graph they use in this depiction of “White Privilege.”

Racial wage gap in the United States:

 “Racial wage gap in the United States” is as follows;

Total – men $819  –  women $657

White – Men – $845  Women – $669

Black or African- American – Men – $621 Women – $582

Asian – Men – $952   Women – $779

Hispanic or Latino – Men – $569  Women – $509

Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers, by sex, race, and ethnicity, U.S., 2009.[76]

  1. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2009.Report 1025, June 2010.

Given these numbers, maybe we should be calling out Asian Privilege, since the Asians on this fact sheet seem to make more than anyone else. The very idea that whites are privileged in any way is nothing more than a way for the Socialists/Communists to shine a light off the real problem, which is not privilege at all but a combination of lack of education, having babies just to get on welfare, not being able to hold a job due to drug or alcohol abuse, and many other reasons. “White Privilege” is nothing more than a way to make the minorities feel that, due to a certain “Privilege,” whites have a better chance. If we look at that as it is, then whites should hold all the top jobs in this nation, and if one looks, that is far from the truth.

“White Privilege” is nothing more than a way to enrage the minorities to go vote. Remember, these same groups that yell “White Privilege” only wish to keep those very groups they claim to be helping poor and on the government dole so they can manipulate their votes.  Hillary Clinton, in fact made a similar statement to Dick Morris in “Rewriting History” in 2005, where Hillary Clinton stated, “Look, the average Democratic voter is just plain stupid. They are easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.”

Now if you want “White Privilege,” Hillary Rodham Clinton is the prime showcase of that term, since even today, she does not know how to drive a car because she has been chauffeured around for so long.

“White Privilege” is nothing more than a tool used by the Democrats that are now much closer to being just plain old Socialists/Communists due to their ideas of having everyone except the elites like Hillary Clinton making the most money while directing those “plain stupid voters” doing the menial jobs Hillary Clinton has never done. Just remember, no one is “privileged” unless they are born into a family that worked hard to obtain the money that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to take from them.

Everyone has the opportunity. A black moved above a white man in a job, not because the black was privileged; no, it was because he worked harder to get above the white man. Privilege is being used to herd all the minorities into the proverbial corral of voters for those who do not wish for the very people they enrage to move into any type of “privilege” they have. Don’t fall for word trickery that benefits only those who push negative ideas such as “White Privilege.” Democrats, or whatever they are today, have never wanted the poor to really obtain work to get ahead, and that shows with the lack of jobs for the poor; but the same party does all it can to keep the poor at the bottom of the pile.

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