White House Spends Half as Much on Border Security than on the Climate Change/ Global Warming Scam

Which is more important: spending money to combat climate change/global warming or spending money on US border security? Most intelligent Americans would respond with “spending money on US border security.” However, the Obama administration, in its infinite wisdom beyond the intelligent American, will tell Americans that spending money to combat climate change/global warming takes precedence: precedence to the tune of $22.2 billion this year and an estimated $21.4 billion next year.

The Daily Caller reports:

Barack ObamaThe White House reported to House Republicans that there are 18 federal agencies engaged in global warming activities in 2013, funding a wide range of programs, including scientific research, international climate assistance, incentivizing renewable energy technology and subsidies to renewable energy producers. Global warming spending is estimated to cost $22.2 billion this year, and $21.4 billion next year.

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At the same time, the federal government will spend nearly $12 billion on customs and border enforcement this year.

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Obama’s climate agenda has attracted criticism from congressional Republicans who have been hammering the administration over the accountability and transparency of its global warming efforts.

Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee have been calling on the heads of major federal agencies to testify on global warming activities. So far, only the heads of the Energy Department and Environmental Protection Agency have opted to testify in front of the House.

“With billions of dollars currently being spent annually on climate change activities, Congress and the public should understand the scope of what the federal government is doing, how the billions of dollars are being spent, and what it will accomplish,” said Kentucky Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield. “Anyone who believes the committee ought to be focusing its attention on climate change related issues should be standing with us to get these answers.”

Let’s summarize so there is no misunderstanding. There has not been a budget passed during the entire Obama presidency; yet, Congress is still appropriating money to agencies without ever having any accountability on these agencies’ expenditures, has raised the debt ceiling to allow more reckless spending, and Obama is calling the shots on how much money an agency is appropriated to spend on climate change.

Call me crazy, but who in their right mind blindly gives a child carte blanche to the bank account via their checkbook? Pardon me, I digress. The issue is climate change spending versus border security spending.

Senate Republicans released a report before the scheduled Senate hearing on the impacts of global warming. The report dismissed “many of the claims made by scientists, politicians and activists about rising global temperatures.”

The report from the Republicans on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee states, “Over nearly four decades, numerous predictions have had adequate time to come to fruition, providing an opportunity to analyze and compare them to today’s statistics.”

Regardless of the admission by UN scientists that 36 of the 38 models are inaccurate; regardless that “climate change/global warming” computer predictions do not meet the requirements for the scientific method; regardless that our country is being invaded by numerous illegal entries through our southern border leaving the US vulnerable to terrorists attacks, Obama “declares” that the US has moved beyond considering global warming a threat, with the time of action on the issue now and time of debate over. Global warming is such a high priority threat that the EPA is working to “increase energy prices based on predicted global temperature increases” without first taking efforts to determine if global temperatures are increasing as predicted by the climate change models.

Read that again: the EPA is working to “increase energy prices based on predicted global temperature increases” without first taking efforts to determine if global temperatures are increasing as predicted by the climate change models.

The EPA is already targeting carbon dioxide emissions reduction in the US by “imposing emission caps on new and existing power plants across the country, which significantly hurts the coal industry.” In a previous article, it was cited that 150 coal-burning plants were scheduled to cease operations amounting to 58,000 megawatts of power or one sixth of America’s electrical output.

There is actual proof the US has an illegal immigrant problem through a poorly secured southern border that would allow terrorists to enter this country undetected, undocumented and unaccounted for; however, twice as much money will be appropriated to global warming which has no basis in scientifically proven fact, cannot meet the requirements for the scientific method, and scientists even admit the inaccuracy of their own models.

Excuse me while I dust off my pants from the fall down into the rabbit hole.

Needless to say, the American public is slated to be fleeced once again through higher energy bills based on predicted global temperature increases, the shutdown of coal-burning power plants, the emission control technology required of new and existing plants, the use of renewable aka expensive energy sources, and subsidies to green energy producers.

Americans also get to foot the bill for more illegal immigrants coming into the US to take advantage of our “no work, get paid” entitlement programs. In the wake of potential terrorists pouring into the country to bring down the US while attempting to convert the population to Islam, Americans get to pay for them as well along with rebuilding any city or facility the terrorists decide to blow up or destroy. Americans can be counted on to suffer through increasing criminal activity from illegal aliens then support those same illegals while they spend time in our overcrowded prisons – if they are ever caught. If the prisons get too overcrowded, Obama will not flinch one bit about releasing these dangerous illegals onto the gullible American public. Forget about securing our borders or trying to identify potential terrorists and criminals, that is against THEIR rights because it could be considered racial profiling.

Obama cares not for making America safe against invasion or insurgence; for that matter, Congress cares little as well. There is no benefit for them in securing the border, making America safe and reducing the illegal alien problem.

Terrorists camps, 35 to be exact, training Muslim jihadits exist in the US while the government turns a blind eye, along with the mainstream media. Two happen to sit in my home state of Georgia. But, again, global warming has been declared by our “king” as such a monumental threat that $22.2 billion dollars will be spent to secure this nation from disaster resulting from carbon dioxide emissions whereas, the illegal alien threat is less important – that threat is only worth $12 billion.

If and when Obama realizes that humans expend carbon dioxide every time a breath is exhaled, the EPA could institute regulations regarding every breath you take and every fart you make – to the tune, “they’ll be taxing you.”

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