With all of the talk about the fake news outlets, it should come as no surprise that some of those spoken of recently are having to face some public humiliation because they just can't behave in print or on air.  On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had to put a New York Times reporter in his place.

As Spicer was calling on Shannon Pettypiece of Bloomberg, he was interrupted several times by Glenn Thrush of the New York Times.

Spicer finally had enough of the interruptions and called the reporter out for his rude behavior.

“Glenn, this isn’t a TV program. You don’t get to just yell out questions. We’re gonna raise our hands like big boys and girls because it’s not your job to just yell out questions,” Spicer said.

Take a look.

The Trump administration just is not all that impressed with either the New York Times nor CNN.

That's not an attack on free press either.  An attack on the free press would be something like the Obama administration did when they would not allow them to Tweet excerpts of Joe Biden's talk, or wanted to approve stories from the White House press before they were put in print.

So far, nothing even close to that has occurred.


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