What Would A Free Man Do?

Splitting states, Bankrupting a nation, States Taking guns, Corruption...

Roughly 50% of the people in America don't see the need for semi-automatic guns that look similar to a military rifle. Some people say the country is center, right. The Democrats won the election by 53%, that's not center right. Obama said he would unite the country, the country hasn't been this divided since the first American Civil War. Even the Supreme Court of The United States of America voted that we have the right to bear Arms, 5 to 4.  We are just one person's death away from the people demanding and all out ban on firearms. 

In some states like California and New York, most guns are illegal, so the rural people in these states are already outlaws and have had their Constitutional rights trampled upon. Other states are following in short order; Washington, Oregon, Missouri, and Colorado. Gun manufacturers, such as Magpul, are having to leave states.

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Other states like Texas and Wyoming are telling the Feds to take a long walk off a short plank. 

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As a citizen of these United States who own firearms, you must ask yourself a question, "Do I make a stand and keep my guns?" In your eye and the eyes of your friends and family, you're a hunter and a patriot. In the eyes of the law you are now an outlaw and a felon. In the eye of the Federal Government you are now a domestic terrorist.  So the difference between patriot, a felon and a domestic terrorist is now a matter of opinion, which nine of our Supreme Court Justices can't even agree on.

So, if 75% of the population decides that we don't have the right to any firearms anymore, what must the last 25% do? Organize and make a stand, go to prison one at a time, or be shot down by the law. We are teaching our youth to hunt and be responsible outdoors and sportsmen but if we don't make a stand we will leave our kids as that 25% without a chance.


In the film 300, Spartan Leonidas's wife; You have to ask yourself, what would a free man do?

In closing, I'd like to say get ready. The Department of Homeland Security has ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. We use 70 Million rounds a year in war. The last step is taking our guns and they are coming for them. Would you believe a retired Green Beret Special Forces General?

In a DHS Memorandum that went out to all Law Enforcement; Future threats to America are Right wing Christians, Pro-Life Groups, 2nd Amendment groups and returning Combat Veterans. Not one word about Islam or Muslims. I say again, beans, bullets, and band-aids.

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