What Obama Does NOT Want You To See!

All we have to do today to remind us why we should vote Obama out is to look at the price of gasoline. When Obama took office gasoline was just $1.85 a gallon, now it is approaching over $4.00 a gallon and more in certain areas. The sad part about this is the FACT that Obama through his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar shut down the world’s largest oil field called the “Green River” formation. This act was wrong by Obama but he did not care, he felt it more important to get windmills and solar power up, both by the way do NOT produce as much electricity as just one Natural gas fired Generator! To give a show of just how many windmills it takes to replace just one Natural Gas generator, I asked Lord Monckton and found out that the windmill has a factor of just .24 and when calculated against a Natural gas generator, it shows that some 660 windmills are needed to replace just one (1) Natural Gas Generator! Now that is huge, but back to the oil, Jack Gerard, president of the American Petroleum Institute, stated, “We hope today’s decision does not signal the administration is returning to the failed policies of the past, leaving much of America’s vast energy resources locked up while the nation’s demand for energy continues to grow,” He made this statement just before Obama through Ken Salazar shut down all the leases for Utah because they could see the oil derricks from the national park. Had this field been allowed to continue, it could very well have held the price per barrel at the $35 it was when Obama took office.

Jerry Spangler wrote in the Deseret Morning news:

“According to Mark Maddox, a deputy assistant secretary for fossil energy, the Green River Formation — located where the three states come together — contains an estimated 1.8 trillion barrels of oil. It also constitutes more than 50 percent of the world’s oil shale reserves, of which 80 percent are owned by the federal government.

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Maddox said studies of the reserves indicate that more than 400 billion barrels of oil will be found in oil shale with concentrations greater than 30 gallons per ton.
And, he added, the technology to refine it exists.

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“The failure of the government’s efforts in the 1980s was not due to the failure of the resource, the technology or environmental problems,” he said. “Economically it was simply too expensive.””

It has been shown through exploration and estimates done through many companies and even the Government Accounting Office that the “Green River” oil formation has approximately 3 trillion barrels of oil! That is about 8 times as much known oil than Saudi Arabia now has and Obama has not allowed this oil to be developed! Why did Obama not allow the development of this one formation? Mainly because he was much more worried about developing Solyndra and his other Failed solar companies that took Tax Payer dollars and could not do what Natural Gas and oil CAN do!

A report titled GAO To Obama: More Oil Than Rest Of The World states:

Energy: The Government Accountability Office tells Congress the Green River Formation out West contains an “amount about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves.” So why are we keeping it locked up on federal lands?

Exploding the Big Lie pushed by President Obama that we can’t drill our way out of high gas prices because we have but 2% of the world’s proven oil reserves, Anu Mittal, GAO director of natural resources and environment, testified before Congress last week that just one small part of the U.S. is capable of out producing the rest of the planet.

Obama has misled the people of the United States by making the statement, “We cannot drill ourselves out of the oil crisis, we only have just 2% of the world’s oil.” Nothing could be further from the truth, but once again, Obama covers his false statements up with an illusion of other sources for energy that cannot support the United States the way oil can. When Obama took office, he took back some 77 oil and Gas leases in Utah, places that would now be producing billions of barrels of oil and an unknown amount of Natural Gas! Yet Obama decided to invest in wind and solar, both of which cannot compete with oil or Natural Gas! In the areas that Obama shut down the United States could have now on line nearly some 1 trillion barrels of oil and a very huge amount of Natural Gas, both, which would have kept the price of gasoline, and food down. Not to mention his wish to expand Ethanol which is not a very good source for fuel since it takes food off the table and causes more harm than good.

The question has been asked if we are doing better today than we were in 2008. In this case, our nation has not done well at all. Obama is very quick to say he created 4 million jobs, but he does not mention the fact that since he has taken office the poverty rate for Children has jumped to a whopping 22 percent. Obama does not want to allow you to see that some 23 manufacturing facilities have shut down in the United States nearly every day in 2010 while he was trying to “save” companies, it should be noted that Jeff Imelt whom sits on Obama’s jobs council did in fact ship some 35,000 jobs to China, I guess Imelt produced the jobs, just in China.

Today we have more people receiving checks from the government than before Obama was elected 49.1 percent, I am sure this is around 50% now! What is truly amazing is that Obama keeps saying he has produced jobs and helped the middle class from being driven into the ground. Since Obama has taken office, we find more products made in China than ever before. Just go to a Wal-Mart near you and look at some big names of companies that had at one time made their products here in the United States, products like Master lock, Craftsmen tools, a number way too great to show here, but just check it out, very few products are now made here in the USA! Think of how many jobs could be here if Obama would just listen to the companies and allow them to bring their plants back here! It is very sad when over 85 percent of all Christmas trees are made in China.

Obama will preach to all that he has helped the middle class, and in a sense he has, Obama has helped the middle class shrink! The jobs lost since Obama took office have shrunk by 95 percent, and those were from the “middle class”, remember that the next time Obama says he is out to help the middle class! If Obama really wanted to help the middle class, all he would have to do is drop the corporate income tax down to about 15%, right now it is some 35% and the highest in the world and that is a major reason companies move overseas! If these companies would only have to pay the 15% in corporate tax, they would come back to the United States and open shop and it would boost the economy because then the workers employed would be paying taxes to the government. As it stands now the regular worker has to work about 107 days to pay local, state, and federal taxes. If the middle class were allowed to grow they would see a rise in their pay and a decrease in the amount of days they work to pay those taxes!

It is a real shame when Obama says he is out to help the middle class especially when under his command, the middle class has seen some $4,300 decrease in income since Barack Obama entered the White House! We all have to stop and ask the very real question, “Are we better off today than we were before Obama took over?” All we have to do each time we ask this question is look at the price of gasoline and that by itself will answer this question, No! How can we as a people keep watching prices increase and continue to say it is better now than back in 2009? It is an impossibility to do because everything not just gasoline has risen in cost, bread has gone up, milk costs over $4.00 a gallon, cereal cost much more now, we do not see any decrease in prices yet we do see decreases in our wages and in some cases, the loss of a job of a product that was once very proudly made here in the United States now being made in China, Japan, Taiwan, or some other foreign place where the wages are as low as maybe $.50 a day!

How much longer can we as a people continue to go along with Obama’s Fantasy and still keep from saying something is wrong? Just this past week, we have seen the national debt soar to 16 trillion dollars, but Obama says that was due to Bush! We have been as Obama says, “hoodwinked” by Obama himself and many people just cannot believe that Obama has done this to the nation many of us love so very dearly! Why does Obama say he is helping the college graduates when over fifty three percent of them are either unemployed or underemployed? Why is it that Obama does not talk about the Federal Reserve and how it has monetized 61% of our national debt? Once again, Obama only tells the people what the people want to hear and not the truth! Obama keeps saying one thing, but the facts say another, yet the people blindly follow him like he is some sort of god. With our debt climbing at a rate of over $2 million each minute, why keep postponing a budget in the Senate? Obama has both houses of the government on his side and they flat refused to sign on or even write up a budget for our nation!

In closing, we must state that if we want our dreams to be seen by our children and grandchildren, then we as a people had better get rid of those now in control and replace them with people that will open up all the oil, coal, and natural gas fields and build the 50 new oil refineries our nation needs so very badly! Then we can reduce taxes on corporations so they can bring their manufacturing plants back here and put more people to work. We did not even get to the very important question of illegal aliens here, but will do so in another article.

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