The Job Of The US Government Is Not…

While we can easily over complicate and over analyze the state of our nation. There really are only two sides to the “our nation is failing” discussion. One side believes the government is not doing enough to fix us, and one side believes they are doing too much, and therefore have all but ruined us.

Within those camps, it really comes down to the question of what is the Constitutional job of our Government? What is the purpose? What are the limits?  What are the responsibilities?  Those who believe the government is not doing enough for it’s citizens and to provide for it’s citizens, either do not have a working knowledge of founding history and our framework under the Constitution, or they want it to be abandoned. Then, those same folks will often scoff at the idea that we are becoming Socialists. However, if it isn’t a capitalist, free-enterprise and democratic republic, than what name should it be given?

It clearly is a Socialist framework when the government takes money from the citizens under the assumption that they believe they can do better with the money than the citizens themselves.  When the government decides it is far smarter than the idiots they are in office to represent and when incentives for earning money dwindle, folks that don’t work, by way of lifestyle choice, end up doing better than those who do and hard earned money is penalized and redistributed. That hard work inevitably diminishes.

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Socialism, Communism and Marxism are the most failed, and currently most failing forms of government in the history of the world.  People have an innate desire to be free, to be creative, to worship their Creator without restriction from the law, and to be charitable.  Most people, particularly those of the Christian faith, greatly desire to care for those in true need.  The government has even infiltrated the charitable hearts, by causing so many to question true need, that charitable citizens catch themselves wondering if it’s a true need, or another scheme of laziness and product of our entitlement society.

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The government has taught us that without their pressures, their theft of our money, and their legislation, that millions of people will go hungry, and no one but the evil rich will be healthy. Without their salvation, women will be breeders for masses of unwanted, uncared for, and non-affordable babies.  Without their rescue, people will be without basic needs, like cell phones, like car payments, like healthcare for “necessary” things such as birth control, immunizations, and STD treatments.  After all, all the smart people will want these things, right?  The people worth “saving” are only the smart ones that have chosen to live the way the government deems as worthy.

For just a moment, let’s get back to basics, stop trying to create our own new truths, and identify from our founding documents (the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Mayflower Compact and the Federalist Papers) what our government is not designed to provide for it’s citizens as inalienable rights:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • A Job
  • Income
  • Cell Phones
  • Child Care
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Education and advanced education (note, the government has decided to provide primary education to children as a means to indoctrinate youth, but the education aspect has been failing for some time, and now it is understood by the masses that the government is to guarantee secondary education as a right through burdensome loans and federal grants )
  • Retirement
  • Minimum Wage
  • Birth control/abortion
  • Absence of all evidence of God/Jesus and prevention of contact and conviction from these beliefs

Let’s now look at what our government as a whole is not:

  • Is not charity
  • Is not the church, nor should it act in the place of church
  • Is not the employer of masses of people, aside from essential government and military personnel
  • Is not a health care adviser/legislator-The FDA and CDC and other government agencies dictating what is healthy, what is “required” (immunizations, insurance, legislating what we eat) and generally “protecting us” from things like fresh milk and eggs, home farmed goods, etc.
  • Is not an insurance company 
  • Is not a paternalistic figure, which decides who and what and when and how much it’s citizens “deserve”, as well as the who, what, when, where, and how much of what citizens should “be taken from”.
  • Is not a machine that works more efficiently the larger it becomes
  • Is not a machine that understands how to operate on a budget or frugally
  • Is not a machine that can do a better job to provide for the citizens, with the money taken from it’s citizens, than the citizens can do themselves.
  • Is not an entity that should rule over the citizens to protect them from themselves, their ideas and their rights that are not endowed by the government, but by God Himself.  No government person or agency will ever care more about the welfare of a citizen or group of citizens than the citizens themselves.  In other words, we don’t need protection from  our own decision making.
  • Is not an organization that should legislate freedoms, faith or morality, in ways that redefine morality from the original definitions found in documents and common understanding of that time, without at least a  2/3 vote to amend the Constitution.
  • Is not Scandinavia, Amsterdam, France, Sweden or the EU.  We are not designed to be one of these Socialist or Socialist leaning countries, and we will not function as one.  If people love the redistribution of wealth, being told what to do, and the moral depravity in these places, perhaps they should consider a move to one of them, rather than promoting the abandonment of the US Constitution in favor of adoption of Socialist agendas that do not fit our framework.
  • Is not the ultimate protector of personal property, and personal peace keeper, by removing personal gun rights which allow citizens to defend themselves, families and property
  • Is not the educator of children
  • Is not the parents of children
  • Is not the authority over children, families or parents when the citizens are abiding by the law
  • Is not the machine that can create ideas, visions, businesses, wealth or innovation
  • Is not the machine that can fix problems by increasing money taken from those who work hard

While there are many more things the government is not in place to do, and was not established to be, this covers some of the basics that are now fundamentally misunderstood by the greater population.

People have come to expect that the government serves a purpose different from what it is designed to be.  I highly encourage all Americans to read all the founding documents.  They are all available online and at libraries.  Most people do not understand the framework of our nation,  and we have been conditioned to believe, increasingly with each generation, that the government is to replace God, charity, church, hard work, etc.  We have lost our understanding of what this nation is designed to be, on so many levels, due in large part to an increasing one-world ideology and appeasement.

We will be unable to sustain our increasing socialist programs within our current framework.  We cannot afford them, and we cannot afford the resultant entitlement fallout they create.  We will not continue to exist as the same free nation, nor will we continue to receive God’s blessing, under policies that provide a free ride to the sponges of society, adopt anti-God and sinful practices, and aid and abet terrorist Muslim regimes around the world.

Understanding what the job of the government is, and what it is not, is certainly the first step in deciding whether or not the US government is designed to be a rescuer, or if we are the rescuer of our government.  This is the best chance we have at refuting the indoctrination of public primary schools and colleges that are filled with re-written history and promote a secularized and Socialist ideology that spits in the face of the liberty that our founders so eloquently designed.

To make these points with a liberal, share these clever videos that demonstrate the difference between the philosophy of Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan.

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