What If America Had As Many Christians As It Does Sodomite Activists?

3%. That’s what it took to move America to where it is now.


That’s all that was required to transition us from a people who at least loosely based their morality on some vaguely understood and appreciated Christian foundation into one that is openly and proudly based on self-centered, self-referential, and self-serving lust. (See: Limp Wristed Gospels Make Limp Wristed Cultures.)

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That’s how much commitment on the ground was needed to shift us from cheering -box Bruce Jenner as an example of All-American masculinity into a people that applauds Vanity Fair cover “Caitlyn” Jenner as the embodiment of “bravery” and “courage.” (See: Bruce Jenner Transitions Into Republican Christian Woman.)


Of all the many great and terrible lessons being taught to us now through the committed, believing, active 3% who have successfully stormed and pillaged the culture, one of the greatest and most important is this: 3% is enough.

With persistence, 3% is enough to move the culture from one extreme to another.

With belief in practice, the dedicated actions of 3% can accomplish what seemed impossible only 10 or 20 years earlier.

With faith in action, 3% can fundamentally change the world.

Let that soak in.

Let it sink in.

As much as it hurts, let it take root.

As much as it stings, let it linger.

As much as it exposes about our laughably non-Christian professing Christian culture in America over (at least) the past 100 years, let it take hold. (See: The Little gospel That Can’t.)

Let is speak.

Then ask the question: What if just 3% of Americans were as committed to Christ in action as the 3% who are at this moment dancing on the grave of our dead culture?

What if only 3% of Americans took seriously the comprehensive life- and culture-defining reality of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission? (See: The Awesome Gospel.)

What if a mere 3% of Americans we consecrated by the grace of God to the propagation of His Kingdom through loving obedience to His crystal clear command to take every thought captive and make obedient disciples of all nations
(including – and starting with – our own)? (See: Matthew 28:18-20)

What would our law, politics, economics, art, and culture begin to look like then? (See: What does Jesus bring to politics, education, law, and economics?)

Put another way: What if just 3% of those living in “the Christian nation” of America were actually Christians?

We know now firsthand what a dedicated 3% of actual believers can do to a culture.

Isn’t the power of 3% amazing?

Isn’t the faith in action of 3% awe-inspiring?

Isn’t the amount and depth of profound change made possible by a believing 3% incredible?

Yes, yes, and yes.

3% can do otherwise unimaginable, unbelievable things through the persistent application of their faith in the real world.

3% can change – and has changed – the world.



And very quickly to boot, it seems.

Faith in action moves the world, and mightily so.

This is a painful lesson we must take to heart, as it forces us to realize just how pathetic, weak, and lazy we have been in honoring the Christ-given command to engage the culture with the Gospel on every front and at every level. (See: A Tale of Two (Gay American) Cities.)

This is a vital lesson we must take to action as we understand that if the self-centered faithfulness of the enemies of Christ can accomplish so much in the way of cultural transformation, then the true faithfulness of His people can and will accomplish much, much more, all by His grace and for His glory through the faithful obedience of His people.

This is the hard truth we need to notice and embrace in this critical moment as western civilization literally hangs in the balance by a burning thread. (See also: How to NOT stop the Big Gay Bullies that are raping the culture.)

As powerful and terrible the Big Gay Wave of cultural chaos may seem at this moment, its dark consequence and impact is nothing when compared to the life- and culture-resurrecting power of the Light that God has ordained to go forth through His people’s faithful proclamation and application of His Gospel-fueled Great Commission. (See: The devil only holds what we leave in his hands.)

That Gospel is true power.

It is unstoppable power.

It is life- and culture-restoring power.

Now if only by God’s grace we could get 3% of Americans to believe these things…and act accordingly…

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