What a Marxist Government Plan to Ban a Game Looks Like

In 1980, as young businessmen frustrated with government rules and taxes, my partner and I produced and marketed a board game called “Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living?” We intended the game as a parody of government progressivism, with a special focus on the able-bodied loaferism, welfare fraud, and social chaos its domestic policies promote. The trade publication Giftware News called it “the most original game of the decade, if not the century,” and we soon had national publicity and orders from retailers all over America. That’s when the welfare empire, threatened with on-going merited ridicule, put into operation its ultimately successful nationwide plan to “remove the game from the marketplace.”

In the fall of 1980, my partner and I, along with most Americans, had never heard of The American Public Welfare Association (APWA), the nerve center of America’s welfare empire. In 1987, APWA changed its name to The American Public Human Services Association, or APHSA. Its board of directors is made up of the welfare commissioners of federal, state, and local welfare agencies. APHSA pushes relentlessly for expansion of the welfare empire and its “progressive” agenda by skewing welfare data to make it look like more funding is always needed, by manipulating bills through various Congressional committees, by propagandizing in the Malleable Marxist Media, and by making sure that the Obamadrones get their free Obamaphones.

APHSA’s money is government money. The bureaucrats who run its trillion-dollar welfare empire are not elected by the public or even appointed by elected officials. They elect themselves, and our taxes pay for them to propagandize us.

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APWA (now APHSA) sent its plan to ban the game to all of its members, about 10,000 in number, including all welfare agencies from the Virgin Islands to Alaska and from Maine to Hawaii, in its December, 1980 newsletter, Washington Report:

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An Open Letter to All APWA Members from Executive Director Edward T. Weaver:
I am writing this letter to alert you to a new board game entitled, “Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living?”
I agree with Secretary Harris [Jimmy Carter’s Welfare Queen, HUD Secretary Patricia Roberts Harris], the NAACP, and the National Organization for Women that the game is callous, racist, sexist, and a “vicious brand of stereotyping.” We, who are part of the reality of public welfare, understand the myths that surround the work we do and the people we serve. This game, however, plays out the basest forms of this mythology; we must not let it go unchallenged. I encourage you, as concerned APWA members, to take the following course of action:
1. Do an informal survey to see if the game is being sold in your area. If it is not, keep a watchful eye and initiate the actions in No. 2 below if it appears. You may be able to join with others to contact store owners/managers to discourage buying.
2. If the game is available in your area:
a. Don’t buy it yourself. Let your friends know that it is not a “cute” holiday gift.
b. Spread the word to other interested groups (welfare rights advocates, civil rights groups, and women’s groups).
c. Either alone or in combination with the groups identified in “b” contact the store owner, manager and/or buyer to explain why the game is offensive and should not be carried.
d. Keep us informed of your efforts
We at APWA headquarters will be doing what we can, in conjunction with our Washington colleagues, to remove the game from the marketplace.

Implicit in the efforts to ban the game is the elitist, despotic notion that the American people are too stupid to know which games are worthy of their own independent purchase. One Maryland welfare official said, “This is a game we feel the American people are better off not knowing about.” The game had to be forced off the market for our own good!

Have you seen the video of the Obamaphone lady? Those were the kind of people the APWA enlisted to call and threaten the stores if they didn’t stop selling “that f***ing racist game.” Note that APWA counted among its allies “civil rights groups.” These Obama-type “civil rights” have nothing to do with free speech or free press, but with the Marxist “right” of those who don’t work to fare well at the involuntary expense of those who do work and pay taxes.

We filed suit in the early 80s for violation of our right to print and market freely. The endless resources of government and high-powered private lawyers overwhelmed our efforts to seek redress. We lost, and our game was removed from the retail marketplace.

I gave the game a new name in 2009, and once again offered it for sale. It’s now “Obozo’s America: Why Bother Working for a Living?” featuring Obozo the Marxist Clown. Otherwise, the game is essentially the same, and great fun at parties.

The plan to ban the game reveals the outright contempt too many government officials have for us, the very backbone of a prosperous and liberty-loving America. The game itself graphically underscores the choice we face on November 6th: an ever-expanding, Marxist, totalitarian welfare empire (From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs) or a nation of free and independent people.

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