Welcome to Collectivist Bohica

Bohica is the last stop, the final destination in human collectives. Enroute to Bohica, one has already passed through the beautiful collectivist cities of Clusterjam, Snafu and then Fubar.

My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I am here to help you in your Southerly journey. If you like your doctor, you can keep him. If you like your insurance, you can keep it. If you deny anthropogenic global warming, you will be denying the collective of its carbon offset regulation control and we may take legal action against you.

The Collective’s Triumph over Truth

If you like the self–evidence that all men are created equal, I—the black crown jewel of the journey of human rights in America—announce to you that we have created a political and academic collectivist culture wherein it is no longer self–evident that men are created, let alone created equal! Viva la group–think! Never mind that there has not been a single natural process observed which produces genotypic information. Due to brainwashing with evolutionism, it no longer appears to our subjects to even be logically possible that it is self–evident that all men are created!

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The beauty of the collective is its power over truth. To one mired in the collective, win the technical battle, or the truth battle, but lose the collective’s political battle, and you lose. So while the collective tolerates entropy calculations, within the collective we poison the definition of evolution (think, “genetic things happen“) and create a culture of evolutionism to trump the perspicuous implication of the second law of thermodynamics: That this whole universe was created. Even though time is the enemy of evolution, evolutionism slyly assumes the opposite and stigmatizes the truth about the effect of natural processes over time. For over 50 years the top academic collectives now indoctrinate that “no matter times no God equals everything!” We call it cosmological and biological evolution! Game–match–set.

The Collective’s War on God

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While my black skin invites a toasting to the political ascendency of human rights and natural rights, my policy is all based on denying natural law, not only man’s natural rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but also to deny the organic sexual order of the human family. So in addition to the collective’s destruction of truth, the collective’s destruction of the black family has enabled the collective to defeat social power and keep these blacks as slaves hanging for dear life onto the collectivist tree. A big fat gay black shout–out to my nigga, Jason Collins!

Now, if a Christian baker refuses to bake a gay “wedding” cake, we don’t walk away and say “sera, sera.” No sir. That would be our response to a Muslim baker! For a Christian baker we vandalize their business and fine them out of business.

Don’t be too hard on me. When you have been kicking against the goads, fighting your God–given conscience for your entire life and denying the cause and effect implications of AIDS, and some goody–two–shoes individualists who have the audacity to challenge the collective’s brazen sexual perversion and to suggest that “their bodies might be dishonored among them” (Rom. 1:27) is the result of “men with men” (Rom. 1:27) come along, you too would be ready to take their heads off.

The power of the collective’s destruction of truth can be seen in the collective’s stigmas. For example, those who refuse to affirm those on a journey into homosexuality, those who refuse to reassure homosexuals that homosexuality is worth celebrating, those who refuse to celebrate the 20 year loss of life that is the result of going “gay”… are stigmatized as “homophobes.” While it is best for a society—and especially those inclined to homosexuality—to stigmatize such death–styles, stigmatize this death–style and the collective will crush you. This is truly breath–taking. This reveals that the power of the collective is stronger than the innate ability of humans to recognize the natural teaching from cause and effect.

The Collective’s War on Political Liberty

In the 1860’s this country knew that it was wrong to deny a man in the cotton fields of his unalienable rights. But finally in 1913, with the passage of the 16th amendment—the income tax amendment—we finally began to celebrate the state standing on the necks of her subjects. And what a ride it has been!

If you know that unlike taxing consumption, taxing income is a tax on one’s dreams, liberty and pursuit of happiness—as well as an inhibiter of wealth creation for all—then you are a threat to the collective. If you know that there is no qualitative difference between a political party which pushes for progressive income taxation and a political party which pushes for flat income taxation, then you threaten the collective with the ability to escape back to collectivist Fubar or even collectivist Snafu.

If you know that Thomas Jefferson and most of the other founding fathers were resolute in their opposition to states—let alone the federal government—funding and controlling the education of children, you know far too much and you will never hear me publically make such acknowledgements.

The Collective’s War on Virtue

In our government indoctrination programs—which the collective has nicely disguised as “public schooling”—we prepare kids for the prospect of someday either paying their income taxes or playing benefits–for–a–collective–vote. Either way—pay or play—for the collective it is a win–win. As Albert Jay Nock stated

There are [only] two … means … whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied. One is the production and exchange of wealth; this is the economic means. The other is the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means.

Never mind that one method is virtuous and the other is evil. It is by exploiting both methods that our beloved state collective maximizes the power of the collective.

Although my former chief–of–staff once said,

Never allow a good crisis to go to waste when it’s an opportunity to do things [by the state] that you had never considered, or that you didn’t think were possible

…this is diametrically opposed to the wisdom of America’s fathers who noted

the State “turns every contingency into a resource” for accumulating power in itself, always at the expense of social power; and with this it develops a habit of acquiescence in the people.

But because our state indoctrination programs do such a good job in denying the self–evidence of creation, the collective drains the swamp from the threat of raising statesmen who might deny the legitimacy of our wealth redistribution efforts. The state in education is the biggest fox–guarding–the–henhouse scenario imaginable! That is why I love comrade Bush’s “no child left behind” statist “education” program.

The Collective’s War on the Rule of Law

If enough people can tell the difference between a state child indoctrination program and a state jobs–and–retirement–for–votes quid pro quo program, then we will require that anyone—even a kid’s parents—who teaches children be certified by the state. We just have to insure that no child is left behind!

And as James Madison did intimate, certification and licensing has been one of our best collectivist weapons against individual empowerment.

If you wonder what is the meaning of our oath—made by both collectivist parties—”to protect and defend the Constitution” when

  • every omnibus bill the federal government has passed in the past 50 years has been unconstitutional
  • no nationally elected politician is asking, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?” (But that @#$* Trump is getting close!)
  • both Republicans and Democrats concede to the violation of America’s natural rights, but merely seek to manage these violations differently
  • both Republicans and Democrats forsake nullification for expediency, including the enumerated–powers–destroying balanced budget amendment expediency and other Constitutional Convention expediencies. Can you imagine what the debt would be if the federal government only spent money on matters authorized by its enumerated powers?
  • while Republican do sometimes say, “If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it must be a duck” they only say this in the context of taxes. Thankfully Republicans don’t say, “If it quacks like organized crime, takes money from the productive citizens like organized crime, and redistributes to the collective like organized crime, it must be organized crime.”

,,,then you are a candidate to be put on the domestic terrorist watch list and we are going to chase your individualist ass down nigger!

The Collective’s Islamic Love–Affair

If you know that a search at whitehouse.gov produces

  • three pages of hits on homegrown terror or homegrown violent extremism
  • 0 hits on Mohammad–inspired, Islamic–inspired… terror
  • three and a half pages of hits on “The US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam

…then you probably understand why I said that Osama bin Laden was not a Muslim leader (even though Muslims know otherwise), but then, courtesy of our now–humiliated and subdued fighting forces, gave him a proper and respectful Islamic burial. Inshallah!

Michelle and I call our secretary of state “Imam Kerry.” John has done such a good job for the collective. Even though the premiere Sunni institution of learning, Al–Azhar University, has refused to call ISIL “apostate,” that hasn’t stopped Imam Kerry from issuing our own “fatwa” against ISIL. By this manner, we protect the reputation of the civilization–destroying collective—Islam—from harm. Heck my administration has even supplied ISIL with thousands of tons of munitions and vehicles! No nationally elected Republican is even asking if we should question the sanity of granting of 501(c)3 status to Islamic organizations in America! With the moral cover and economic benefits of tax–exemption, we are funding the Islamization of America!

I don’t “see” Christian
genocide in the Middle East! Neither does my buddy Erdogan “see” genocide on the Armenian Christians in the early 20th century. Never mind that I campaigned on doing the opposite.

If you noticed that I said that we cannot declare war on “terror,” on a tactic, but then—when Maj. Nidal Hasson shouted “Allahu akbar” and committed jihad at Fort Hood—I declared war on the tactic of “workplace violence,” then you probably didn’t get that idea from the collectivist media. But don’t you love the audacity by which I can strut and have the collectivist media watch my black back? They don’t say I’m wearing no clothes!

The Collective’s Racial Warfare

Likewise it is so with my birth certificate, which we accidently released before it should have been electronically compressed into a single electronic layer. Thus it has numerous electronic layers organized by the various functional components of a Hawaiian birth certificate that could have never been the result of an electronic scan. This oversight of our accidental and premature release of this multi–layered electronic copy betrays our forgery. This layering of the electronic document fits naturally with identity fraud where one componentizes the layers by function, instead of by the physical properties of an optical scan. But even with this conspicuous evidence of identity documentation fraud, the non–uniform noise in my electronic birth certificate and the correlation of noise uniformity within the functional electronic layers, witness again the power of the collective to triumph over truth! At his press conference the collectivist media questioned the faux–racism of Sheriff Joe instead of the fraud of my identity documentation! Ha!

It is good to be a black collectivist with his black back covered by the collectivist media. It is good to be the king!

Even so we need to rush the “fairness doctrine” to protect the collectivist media from the independent media.

Of course the black community is the community that most needs the police force, but I need to feed the niggers to the collective, let the niggers burn down their neighborhoods, brutalize each other and whites and feed their collectivist black fear of failure in (individualistic) free enterprise.

Thomas Sowell asked a mere couple of questions which intellectually annihilates the thesis of the “black lives matters” folks:

  • If poverty among blacks is because of whites, why has the poverty rate among black married couples been in single digits every year since 1994, despite far higher poverty rates among other blacks?
  • When the imprisonment rate of blacks with a college education is a fraction of the imprisonment rate of other blacks, does that mean that white cops check out the education of blacks before they decide to arrest them?

But Sowell’s questions just aren’t enough to challenge—let alone defeat—the truth–destroying power of the collective.

Because blacks become their own victims of the collective, it hurts me to support the “black
matter” faux–racism. But unlike Johathan Capehart, I’m a full–on collective man.

While as a black collectivist I enjoy the privileges afforded to me by the collectivist media, when I was younger, and would get on an elevator with a white woman, I would notice that the white women would sometimes clutch their purses when I entered the elevator. The elevator victims are always such individualists, but the victims of the state haven’t got a clue about the state’s assault on the individual! The collective treats me in a different way than people acting as individuals do. People generally don’t realize that the collective is all about consuming the individualist citizen and transforming him or her into a collectivist subject. The demographics associated with my black skin color don’t bother me, let alone shame me. But it does bother me when white women use their accurate knowledge of demographics to act in their self–interest. The collective stigmatizes that as “racism” and this shames white individualists into the collective. It is our biggest collectivist recruitment channel. Even the Republican and Libertarian collectives conceal this simple truth which ends up primarily feeding the Democrat collective. The power of the collective to kill the truth is awesome!

OJ’s got nothing on me! Speaking of white women, they have always gotten the highest bids in our Islamic (collective) slave auctions, for what we call our “right hand possessions” (e.g., Koran 4:3, 24; 33:50) or female kuffar sex slaves. These white women need to learn to lie down and take it like we give it to them.

Peace. And submission.

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