“We The People”

“We The People,” three words that mean an awful lot to those citizens living in the United States, but what does that mean? Does it mean just those who vote during an election? Does it mean just those who protest new laws or regulations? Does it mean just the citizens of our nation? What does it mean to the military that go all over the world in defense of other nations’ freedoms? Have any of those reading this ever wondered just who the phrase, “We The People” address? Do those three words cover those who are not citizens? Do those words cover those legally waiting to become citizens? Do those three words cover those who “illegally” crossed our border?

Today, our nation is seriously divided over many issues and the phrase, “We The People” does not seem to address what has happened in the past few years; years like those of Obama, where the law was twisted to represent the criminals only to find later the criminals were guilty. How many times did this happen under Obama and after?

Do you remember the “Beer Summit,” where he declared a man accused of a minor incident not guilty only to learn later the man was very guilty? Our nation seemed to venture into that dark area where the innocent were guilty until proven innocent.

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One recent incident that comes to light is the Supreme Court nominee, Judge Kavanaugh, where the Democrats seemed to find a number of people to step forward and make accusations against him that brought the question whether he was eligible for office. Once again, after months of testimony under oath was complete, not a single issue could be proven and many months later, we found out that most of the claims were lies!

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This was not what the phrase, “We The People” was meant to be. It was meant to ensure that the people of legal standing controlled the government, not that the government controlled the people as it seems to move once the Democrats, Socialists, and Communists gain control and tell the people that the government was designed to rule them.

“We the People” are the first three words of the preamble to our Constitution.  It reads as follows:

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquilty, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Those 52 words above formed the entire groundwork for the nation we live in today. Grant it, some of the original Constitution has been corrected to meet those 52 words to greater perfection. Today, if we allow some of the radical sides of one of the top parties to have their way, some of the original parts of this Constitution would be ripped apart.

One has to wonder why our Founding Fathers used those 52 words for our Preamble to the most solid Constitution in the world. To understand that, we have to go back to that time in our history when the people were heavily taxed for many years by the Crown in England, where the people had the burden of not just paying for their goods and services here in what was to become the United States, but they also had to pay for the Crown’s expenses in England. Even under that pressure, some objected to leaving the rule of England where one had to abide by the Crown’s selection of rules, which did not include the freedoms we celebrate today.

To answer a few questions all in one shot, so to speak, we will now try to explain what some of those freedoms are and to whom they pertain. The First Amendment was designed to keep the government from telling the people what religion we could be. The English Crown had the religion of the crown and none other could be examined.  Today, we have the right to celebrate whatever religion we wish. Of course, in recent years that part of the Constitution has been attacked with those who do not like the Constitution, making an attempt to change that and other parts of the Amendments. Those who wish to destroy the Constitution and what “We the People” want, bend the rules by saying the Constitution should be changed.

There were a few people who objected to the separation of the United States from England, but most of those were the ones who would lose money over the separation. When Congress was first brought into chambers, it had a few men.  It was their duty to add to the original parts of the Constitution so that it did, in fact, represent “We the People.”

Many will say that those coming across our border are entitled to the same rights as the Citizens of the United States. To that, they would be wrong.

No part of the Constitution has any words stating that “illegal aliens” have the same rights as the citizens.

If anyone having thoughts of that not being true, all they have to do is read the Constitution. Throughout the Constitution, in the many Articles and Amendments, it has citizens stated very clearly throughout. If our Constitution had language addressing that, it would have been in one part of the Constitution somewhere, but it does not.

The Constitution holds the Articles and Amendments to citizens. Today, we have many yelling that people that have come into our nation illegally have the same rights that “We the People” have and that is a huge fraud. “We the People” are those of us that had ancestors come into this nation legally, were the ones that wrote the Constitution, those who are naturalized and the American Indians. Anyone crossing the border, flying into, or coming into our nation in any other way, are not citizens until they take the oath of citizenship.

It was “We the People” who fought to begin this nation, not illegal aliens. It was the same that fought every war after to keep our nation free for the citizens of our country.

In recent years, “We the People” have not lived up to our obligations to vote in all elections, not just the presidential elections. Yet today, most local elections are won by a minority of the people.  So, in effect, the minority rules the majority. That is not the way our Forefathers had wanted it. They held the belief that the citizens of our nation would go and vote in all elections by high numbers, not the small numbers we see today!

Maybe we should make it mandatory to vote? No, but it may come to that if we want to keep our freedoms. Many would say that should never happen and we should never force people to vote, but in that very idea, we should never force non-citizens to vote just by having them get a drivers license. Even that is illegal due to the fact that the illegal individual does not have the name citizen in his file nor should he be allowed to vote.

“We the People” does not mean all the people, just those who are citizens of this great nation. Our nation is a great one where we can live and play and do nearly anything we wish within the law. “We the People” pay taxes so our government can maintain the many different agencies that keep us safe, but that falls by the wayside when individuals come into our nation illegally then take money from us through the welfare, food stamps and other systems we pay taxes into to support it. If anyone takes from those who do not pay into it, they are stealing from us and sooner or later, they will bankrupt our nation.

Our nation is at a real crisis and it is not a fabricated one.  We have millions of illegal aliens here taking from funds that were set up to take care of those in need, not illegal aliens.

“We The People” cannot keep giving our money away to groups who do not pay their fair share, and we do not wish to force those who by hard work made fortunes to pay for those who just do not wish to work. “We the People” do not abide by that.

We face a real crisis of losing our freedom to those who wish to turn our nation into a Socialist/Communist State, always saying that the wealth would be distributed evenly to all people. Our nation was not built on those wicked ideologies. To see what happens once a nation goes to Socialism or Communism, all we have to do is look for the glaring example of Socialism just across the Gulf of Mexico in Venezuela, where Socialism runs rampant and people are starving. For a good example of Communism, we just have to look 90 miles south of Florida to Cuba to see what Communism brings, poverty so bad that they still drive around in cars made in 1956 or later.

It is past time for “We the People” had better wake up and do our duty to elect officials which have our nation’s interests first, not other nations’. We should never just sit back and pray and hope the people we want in office get elected.  Today, we see this attitude has placed people into our nation’s legislatures that do not have the United States in their thinking.  They have other nations in mind, other religions in their minds that are out to tear our Constitution and freedoms apart. How many now reading this article would want to stop everything you are doing to worship an idea that wants to kill us just because we are free?

The continuing of our freedoms rest upon our shoulders, not our neighbors, and especially not on someone who is here illegally that has no respect for our flag or way of life.  If “We the People” continue to stop voting, stop calling our representatives, sooner much more than later, we will lose that freedom and when we do, it falls squarely upon “We the People.”  If just a few hundred people in your hometown feel that way, it would change the outcome of all elections.  It is that important. If nothing else, remember that this nation was built by “We the People.”  Think about that the next time you decide that your vote doesn’t count! It does count. and it is “We the people” that makes it count!

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