We Don’t Need Stacy Newman or Trish Causey in Congress!

trish2Have you ever been in a nice park with beautiful weather, just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings, when all of a sudden you realize you just stepped in a squishy pile of doggy doo? It tends to ruin the day a bit. You take the time to clean your shoe the best you can and carry on where you left off but no matter how hard you try, you find yourself ignoring the sky and surroundings to keep a watch on anymore surprise piles of excrement in your path.

That’s the way it is these days as a conservative. You’re going along and in spite of all the garbage and ludicrous verbiage the left continues to spew, you find a place of solitude and it fills you a sense of relaxation. Unfortunately, it’s not long before you step in a pile left on the path by some pretentious, obnoxious, vapid leftist. The worst part is that they honestly believe they are highborn, when in actuality, they are among the lowest of the low.

The other day, Rep. Stacey Newman made an asinine comment on Twitter when she essentially tweeted that she was going to say the word “Benghazi” on the floor just to see what happens. Ha, ha. Hee hee. Isn’t that hilarious? Morons like Newman abound on the left because that’s essentially what constitutes the party at its core. Four Americans died in Benghazi because the Obama administration did nothing. There is even some question about who gave the “stand down” order since it is believed President Obama was already cuddling with his teddy bear in bed.

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Yet, the left believes ridiculing is the best way to deal with a cry for truth. They’ve obviously learned their lessons well from Saul Alinsky.

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More recently, another leftist running for Congress – Trish Causey –  used Twitter to show how classless she is.

“As part of National Masturbation Month, Republicans like screaming the name of their fluffer, Ben Ghazi, when they orgasm. #TrueStory”

Gosh, isn’t that neat? What an imbecile. Reaction was swift. People called her a pervert, delusional, ignorant, a “real fine candidate,” classless, heartless, liar, and much more. The problem with these types of individuals though is that they are seemingly hardened to this type of rebuff. They enjoy it rather than try to move away from it.

trish1But Trish Causey has another side to her personality. Apparently, she really enjoys men’s penises as noted on her Aroused Woman blog. It’s there where she is involved in “Awakening Sexuality & Activism for Women’s Rights.” That’s just swell, isn’t it?

Her Aroused Woman Radio Show is also tax-deductible, in case you were interested.

Then there’s her Musical Theatre Talk as well, a woman of many talents.

What is truly amazing is how many people who follow Causey believe her when she accuses the GOP of using Benghazi for political gain during an election year. The problem of course, is that conservatives have been yelling about the problems with Benghazi since 2013 and simply continue to do so because of the lack of cooperation from the left.

I guess it also never dawned on these halfwits that every time there’s a shooting, the Dems/left jump right on that to use it for their own political gain. That’s okay though apparently. It’s just not okay when the GOP does it.

The Democrat Party has become a party of lunatics who believe a lie. They are not concerned about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, or the IRS scandal. They simply see the GOP trying to create reality from “conspiracies.” The left holds themselves in high esteem because they truly believe that they are dealing with the important things, like gun confiscation, ensuring a woman has the right to kill her unborn child whenever she wants to do so, and that illegal aliens should be welcomed with open arms though they are here illegally and are using up resources that should be going to people who are here legally.

They believe this all the while they continue to keep blacks and other minorities enslaved on the plantation through give-away programs that do nothing to truly help them. The programs only continue to enslave as they force more and more minorities to become wards of the federal government.

Yet, those on the left don’t see socialism coming our way. They deny it while laughing hysterically at conservatives who warn that it is coming, that it’s been in the works for some time, and that unless it is stopped now, all hope is lost.

People like Stacy Newman and Trish Causey are simply two examples of today’s unpolished, classless, base, politicians who believe that they represent truth and the American way. In fact, they represent neither. They represent what is the worst about America.

Come this November, I hope the people in Mississippi will tell Causey in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t represent true leadership. Maybe then she’ll stick with arousing herself through her blog and breaking a leg via her theatrical endeavors.

No, Congress does not need anymore like Stacy Newman or Trish Causey. We already have way too many!

Rep. Stacey Newman

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