Wasteful IRS Complains About 3% Budget Cut

Money is mother’s milk for government. Obviously, they can’t function without it. No entity can. We all get that. Yet it seems government is the only entity that claims it can’t function with even a little less.

And it’s like this for all governments: federal, state, local – it doesn’t matter. It’s as if they all went to the same seminar – how to soak the taxpayer and make them feel fear and guilt for not accepting public-sector extortion.

We’ve all heard it – the tried and true method of extortion that they will have to fire the police or firefighters if they don’t get what they want. Or, Social Security checks won’t be mailed, etc.

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So here we are once again with yet another government department whining about having their budget cut. This time, it’s the crooks at the IRS.

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Last Thursday, the IRS chief criminal, John Koskinen complained that his agency’s budget was to be cut by $346 million. Whoa! That’s a lot of money and consider that the IRS is budget has already been slashed by $1.2 billion since 2010. Before this next round of proposed cuts, the agency had to get by on just $10.9 billion. Boo-hoo.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Sheesh – how do they even function on such a paltry amount? It’s a wonder all the employees aren’t homeless. Yet, Congress has the nerve to demand a cut a bit over 3% from their budget. Those bastards!

Mr. Koskinen is warning (threatening) that tax refund checks will be delayed if that whopping 3% is taken from them. It’s like a family making $50,000 a year calling all their creditors and saying “I’m sorry, but my boss cut my salary by $28 a week so I can’t pay my bills.”

Really? Well, what a surprise – a bloated government agency issuing a public threat like that. I guess he learned from the master – Obama.

So, they can’t do with 3% less, eh? That’s interesting considering how much of our money they regularly waste.

Now, we all remember the “Star Trek Video” the IRS employees made as a goof for some lousy conference they attended. I believe that one video cost over $50,000 just for a few silly minutes. Sure, it’s only $50,000, but A: that’s still a lot of money and B: how many others like it have been made with less or no fanfare?

In 2013 a report was finalized cataloging that just between 2010 and 2012, the IRS blew over $49 million on more than 225 conferences around the country. The Star Trek video was made for one such event.

Most of these conferences invite people such as artists and motivational speakers and fly them in first-class, of course. And remember, this was after they had their budget cut by $1.2 billion in 2010.

Koskinen also threatened Congress that the IRS would have to set a hiring freeze and eliminate virtually all overtime due to this 3% cut. Wow, this is serious!

Yet, in May of this year, Becket Adams at The Blaze reported that since 2010 (again, after the $1.2 billion cut), the IRS has spent $96 million just on new office furniture and renovations, because you can’t target and harass the Tea Party with old office furniture.

She reported that one office in Philadelphia received $2.8 million in 2011. One office! An office in Haverhill Massachusetts received $618,000 just for chairs.

In fact, there is article after article chronicling the waste at the IRS, and now the world will evidently end if they have their budget cut by a lousy 3%.

It’s criminal!

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