The death of Taylor Smith is a heartbreaking. She was found lifeless, her body dumped after an asthma attack. If she died from the attack, why would her "friends" dump her body like she had been deliberately killed?

Twenty-year old Taylor Smith from Holly Springs, GA had so much to live for. A vibrant and beautiful young woman, she suffered from asthma. But what happened last Wednesday night is truly a mystery. It is obvious that she suffered from a crippling asthma attack at some point during the evening, and that she used her inhaler to try to recover. But she never came out of it. She died, and her "friends" disposed of her lifeless corpse.

Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith

Instead of calling emergency personnel, Taylor's friends discarded her. They had tried to revive her, and even went so far as to put her body in the shower, but she was already dead. And in a most perplexing move, they dumped her body on the side of the road near a trailer park. She was thrown out like garbage. Why?

Her grief stricken mother, Lt. Tanya Smith, is seeking answers.  "I don't know if they knew if she was deceased or not, but they put her in a shower and tried to revive her and when that didn't work, they put her in a car and drove her to this location in Jasper and dumped her body in front of a trailer on the side of the road," Smith said.

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Why would Taylor's friends dump her body if they weren't afraid of something? Had they been doing something illegal that evening, or did something happen to Taylor before that might be incriminating? No matter what happened, the situation is perplexing. And it shows such callousness. To dump a girl's body on the side of the road instead of seeking proper medical assistance is negligent homicide.

They had a responsibility to Taylor whether they wanted to accept it or not. If she was already dead, they should have called 911 or taken her directly to the hospital. A body dumped after an asthma attack is unfathomable. It's the coldest of actions. AsthmaDeath3

One of the "friends," 38 year old Marty Gaddis, has already been charged with concealing a death and abandonment of a body. But the question everyone is desperately seeking an answer to is why would anyone do this to someone, unless they were trying to cover up something they had done? There is no logic in this case. It's senseless and the level of soulless disregard for a life is mind-blowing. Are the hearts of men and women truly going as cold as they appear?

The worst part of this is that Taylor's friends more than likely dumped her body to avoid being implicated for her death. But in doing so, they made themselves look guilty of something heinous. And they are, they left a "friend's" body on the side of the road like they would a banana peel. She meant that little to them.

Tanya Smith says she hopes other young women will learn from her daughter’s story, and not be as trusting. "Not everybody that you meet that says, ‘I care about you,' actually cares about you. Be cautious and be around people that you can trust," Smith told

In a world gone mad, this is the kind of act you expect. And the world has gone mad. Instead of fighting to save someone, and even if there is no way to save someone's life, you fight. A coward flees a scene. A coward dumps a body on the side of the road instead of seeking proper medical help. And a coward only cares about himself. Taylor Smith didn't deserve to die like this. She didn't deserve to have body discarded in such a brutal, callous manner. But in a world turned ice cold, saving oneself is more important than fighting to the bitter end for a friend.

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