Warnings That Ending the Gravy Train Could Mean Rioting

Representative Paul Broun (R-GA) says “Obama is a Marxist,” and that the nation is “playing with fire” by suspending the debt ceiling.

In an article by Taylor Rose at WND, Broun warns that if the entitlement programs are shut down, and our national defense cannot be funded, that  “People are going to be in the streets like Greece,” and the coming “real fiscal cliff” will simply be “economic collapse.”

Our nation has become so dependent upon taxpayer funded programs to support general lifestyle “requirements” that many Americans have no clue how to live frugally with the dollars the government (taxpayers) gives to them, let alone dollars they make on their own. 

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If a government shut-down included medical care/funding for Medicaid, Veterans services, food stamps, cash assistance, school lunches, or any of the government pensions folks are counting on, unfortunately even the earned benefits (such as with earned pensions or VA benefits)  will be just as absent as the un-earned entitlement funds.

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Combine a nation of hungry people, people without money they believe they are due, a nation full of illegals, and a people who are being pressed to disarm, and pit the have-not’s against those who potentially retain their ability to take care of themselves, and the recipe makes for sure-fire civil disruption and possible uprisings.

When the chaos coincides with a concerted effort to disarm Americans, there is real need for concern.  Should widespread rioting occur, the need for self protection and maintaining home as a secure and safe place to reside, would be difficult without maintaining a strong 2nd Amendment.

WND reports on an interview with Broun:

When the money runs out, he said, the U.S. “will not be able to pay for the essentials, most importantly national defense,” as well as Social Security, Defense and medical personnel.

Consequently, he thinks “protesting and riots like in Greece” are a very real possibility in America.

He took specific aim at Obama, saying, “This president’s policies are going to make basic goods and services higher in price.”

Obama, Broun said, “believes in an all-intrusive and all-controlling federal government.”

“He doesn’t get it,” the congressman said. “He thinks we can spend at an uncontrolled rate, with total abandon to responsibility.”

Why is this happening?

“He’s a Marxist,” Broun said of Obama.

However, he said that’s not the only problem.

“We’ve got a spending addiction that both parties are to blame for,” he said.

Both parties are “in denial and they want to keep spending money and add more and more debt to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and they will not be living at the same level as we have.”

It’s time to face reality.  Most Americans don’t even seem to understand how many social programs, environmental programs, foreign aid, and federal money to the states for their own programs the US actually pays out, without being able to cover. Therefore, most Americans don’t realize how many programs people truly believe they are owed.

We haven’t been able to afford our socialist entitlement societal programs for a very long time.  We ignored that fact for so long, that now even if we stop the programs we can’t dig out of the fiscal hole we’ve buried our future generations inside of.  Now we have the additional concern not only of funding the entitlement programs, but also what happens to a society of the “me-generation”, who has been taught their only goal is to get what they are owed.  What happens when the first time in their lives they are told no?  What will they do to prove they are owed handouts, when the gravy train runs out of steam.

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