The War Over Obamacare is Not Over: An Open Letter to Bob Schieffer

When we were young the evening “news” truly was “news” and the program ran an hour with no more than five or ten minutes total dedicated to “sports and weather.” The “news” portion was generally equally split between local, national, and international news. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything that resembled “international news” that did not deal with our various follies in the Middle East. To be quite candid, I cannot remember the last time I watched any “main-stream” networks for anything related to news, but I am sure it has been a couple of decades since it became obvious that the fourth estate in this country no longer serves We The People but is a lap dog of the ruling regime.

I read something about a month ago that reported that CBS’s Bob Schieffer chose to ridicule conservatives to be akin to the Japanese soldiers, who kept fighting into the 1950’s, and his quote “I mean, the war over ObamaCare is over,” struck me as being inane.

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Dear Mr Schieffer,

Your assertion that “…the war over ObamaCare is Over.” is blatantly inane.

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ctm_0920_SCHIEFFER_480x360It emphasizes just how out of touch you, your brethren in the propaganda machine, and your Lord and Master Barack Obama truly are. This war will not be over so long as a single American Patriot can still draw a breath.

Your absurd pronouncement seems to be based on the fallacious assumption that since there has been a Supreme Court ruling that is the end of this tale. I am reasonably certain that since Chief Justice Roberts publicly admitted that he is in way over his head and erred in his judgment Justice Anthony Scalia has tried to educate him on our Constitution; I am sure that Justice Scalia would do the same for you since you obviously need that education so desperately.

Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled, and I would like to remind you that the Supreme Court has reversed itself before as in the case of the Feinberg Law (Decision: 1952, Reversal 1967); the reversal being the error.

ObamaCare is an abomination. It violates our constitution in so many sectors that the rational man can barely stay coherent.  The potential government shutdown may cause stress and difficulties for some part of our nation but nowhere near what full implementation of ObamaCare is going do to our entire nation.

ObamaCare is the heel of a totalitarian government being placed with full force on the throat of a once proud and free nation.

Mr. Schieffer I find your attitude sad and pathetic. A gentler person would liken your attitude to something like “The Stockholm Syndrome.” Others, including yours truly liken it to what it truly is: the attitude of a violent rapist; i.e. “This is going to happen to you so you might as well just lie back and enjoy it.”

Let me assure you Mr. Schieffer, We The People do not intend to “lie back and enjoy it.” When the full brunt of this insane legislation descends upon the majority of America, the ranks of We The People will swell exponentially and We The People will bury this abomination once and for all.

Sadly Mr. Schieffer, if and when that does happen the cost may not be calculated and measured by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) or the GAO (Government Accountability Office) in the now near worthless U.S. Dollar, but it may well be measured in the only currency that has ever purchased freedom from tyrants.

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