Vladimir Putin – The World’s New Freedom Fighter against American Socialist Expansionism?

On the surface, the outrage expressed by the US government over Russian aggression in Crimea and the threat of more military action in Ukraine seems like we are concerned that Russia suddenly has aspirations of forced expansion into much of Europe as well. The US government also paints Vladimir Putin as suddenly, having USSR style ambitions of world domination.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, here in the states we are told of world events according to the will of the government in slanted reporting from major news outlets that are controlled by the government in what and how we are allowed to see. In other words, we are only privy to news that shows the US government as the righteous entity in a world of evil empires.

The main reason the US government wants to show Putin as the bad guy is because he is putting his foot down to American aspirations of a New World Order. The first step Putin took to stop American expansionism was his peace deal preventing the US from invading Syria back in the fall of 2013. Since then, the US has used tactics to destabilize Ukraine in hopes of installing a government ready to join the European Union.

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Syria was a turning point for the American government’s quest for world domination, in the fact that, the American people finally woke up from their media induced stupor to realize their own government was supporting terrorist organizations abroad, while using the threat of terrorism as an excuse for Tyrannical laws at home. 

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The truth is, the threat from terrorism here in the US isn’t any greater now than it was in the 1970’s. We are only led to believe it is, because the Federal government needs an excuse to have a Socialistic Dictatorship in power as it now does.

Another dead giveaway that terrorism really isn’t a threat is the fact that, after 9-11, the border with Mexico was never closed at any time and remains as open today as ever.

The real enemy to the Federal government is the American people. This explains the NSA domestic spying program which only scrutinizes US citizens. 

The American people are also subjected to Gestapo like tactics of search, seizure, and nude scanning at all airports, before being allowed to board a flight.

In every city, with a population above 30,000 there are cameras at every street corner, recording images, as well as audio of every citizen in sight.

From The Patriot Act (which was authored by Joe Biden in 1995) to the NDAA, to the countless Executive Orders from President Obama, making him supreme ruler. America doesn’t have a Constitution anymore. We are only left with only dictated rule of government.  

Russia has been standing idly by since the first Gulf War in 1991, watching the US use every excuse and tactic it could to justify invading foreign countries. From the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the military involvement in overthrowing the Mubarak government in Egypt and creating chaos among the people for his ouster to the so called liberation of Libya by way of NATO military involvement. The US has expanded at an astounding rate, through aggression in the world by military force since the early 1990’s. 

The US is presently involved militarily in many North African countries in an attempt to change governments there to ones willing to join the American vision of a NOW, run by a central banking system.

The US, in addition to using military force to change governments around the world, also spends billions of dollars per year in aid and weapons to these countries.

Since Obama took office, we now see the US government supporting terrorist organizations in the form of arms, billions of dollars and actual military help. Groups such as Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, which we were told were our enemies since 9-11, seem to be far from it, judging from the American support they have been receiving. 

In today’s world, it is Russia’s Putin who fights for Democracy and against an evil ever expanding empire in the form of the US government.

All this is an example of how things can change over time.

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