The one speeding "gimme" that was always supposed to be sacred in America is being in labor. A speeding husband rushing his wife in labor to the hospital might still get pulled over by police as a normal speeder, but then once the cops recognize the issue, what's supposed to happen? The officer is supposed to flip on his lights and help provide a safe escort to the hospital because time is of the essence.

Not anymore apparently. Now if you ever find yourself unfortunate enough to be in this situation, you will be forced to give birth in your car while the cops stand around and watch and repeatedly shine flashlights at your wife's vagina because it's "faster" and "safer" to wait on the roadside for an ambulance to show up (however long that might take) at the cost of a couple thousand bucks a ride.

The dashcam video I'm referencing is below. Although propaganda mills like TIME Magazine and NBC News are trying to make this situation seem heroic, I watched the video and fail to see any heroism.

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The cop pulls the speeding husband over around 3:45 am when other traffic on the road was between slight to nonexistent. The man is obviously, by the tone in his voice, freaking out. His wife is screaming in pain. "Let me go man, I can make it, let me go!" the driver pleads with the cop.

So what does Hero McCop do? He says no no, he's called an ambulance and that'll be "faster," er, safer, he promises, they should just wait.

Then the officer proceeds to stand around like it's no big deal for most of it while the man's wife screams her head off (because even though it's not an entirely unheard of occurrence, giving birth in the front of a car has got to be pretty damn uncomfortable). The cop is seen casually leaning on the couple's car door while he radios in about her contractions, la ti da de dum….

Then more guys come and they stand around and watch this woman give birth in the front seat of her car. One guy even goes, "Come look at this man!"

And this is painted as heroic in the media. What a bunch of @$$*#@$)!

At least five minutes go by and still no ambulance that was "faster" and safer than this woman being uncomfortably forced to give birth in the front seat of her car by an audience of Seattle's finest.

At least when the woman starts freaking out that her baby can't breathe, the cop finally leans in and unclogs the baby's throat. At least.



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