A Victim of Michigan’s Food Gestapo Speaks Out

It seems that the so-called leaders of my former home state of Michigan are at it again. Although the Michigan legislature is pretty good at protecting the rights of gun owners, when it comes to the right of Michigan residents to freely consume, and grow, what they choose, their efforts appear to be an epic fail. All one has to do is examine the history of the “food police” in Michigan to get an idea of how oppressive they have become. As with the featured article for this introduction, I am linking to my friend, and fellow patriot, Daisy Luther and her excellent website, The Organic Prepper, to help enlighten you on food prohibition in Michigan. To get more information, click Here or Here.

Being from Michigan my whole life, I was able to develop a great many friendships in my 40+ years as a resident there. So, when I saw the article by Daisy Luther about the destruction of raw milk and free-range eggs, I contacted my friend Brian to get his insights. Little did I know that he was a member of the co-op, and was directly affected by the states heavy-handed tactics. I asked him to join Jason and me on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, and Brian was happy to do so. Below is a replay of our recent interview:

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