Veterans & Truckers Storm DC – A Weekend that Changed History

If there is anyone that didn’t find themselves shedding an occasional Patriotic tear this weekend then I will only say that you are much tougher than I am. It’s a natural reaction. You give everything that you can give and you hope it’s enough. When you see that your efforts, however large or small, have contributed to something as big as the Truckers and Vets this weekend, it is only normal to swell up with a little pride. From late Thursday evening until late Sunday Night I was pretty much glued to my computer. I was trying to get out any information I could because I knew the mainstream media would ignore this just as they ignored the bikers last month.

The thing is that I am not actually a world class journalist but a lot of people appreciate that. When I need information I get it from my many friends and this gives them a voice as well. If D.C. would learn that people want their voices to be heard we would be much better off. If our legislators would humble themselves enough to let someone else take the podium sometimes it would be for the best. No one is an expert on all things. We all have much to learn from each other.

Rather than trying to piece this together from start to finish I thought I’d do a “Twitchy” type post and share our Facebook posts rather than tweets. We must have posted 100 or more updates so I just want to share some of the highlights from our weekend. Almost every single bit of this info came from other people who were glad to contribute. All I am good for is an occasional rant. I think people are on to me. So without further delay, here are some highlights from The Clothesline Facebook page this weekend. There are literally thousands of people who contributed. Don’t be afraid to click something and read a few of the comments. That’s how we grow as people. We grow when we allow others to transfer a little knowledge or perspective to us. This weekend I grew as a person and I thank you all for that.

Thursday Night and Friday:

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Thursday Night and Friday was marked by a lot of confusion and more so by me not actually understanding that I had a role and a responsibility in all of this. Before the weekend was done I realized that if we were going to get any info at all we had to get if from each other. The mainstream media certainly didn’t help.

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It turns out that the traffic was so heavy on the site that they were simply transitioning to a better server to prepare for the wild weekend ahead.

I still don’t know what happened here…


Here is an article I put out early Friday morning. There is nothing that outstanding about the article but if you feel the need to read it you will understand the level of confusion we were dealing with Friday morning. No one seemed to know what was going on.


We soon found out that if we were going to get any information whatsoever we were going to have to get it from the live radio broadcasts on the Ride for the Constitution site.


Troops in buses? For a group of truckers that the media refused to acknowledge even existed? That’s interesting…


This was my proof that I am unfortunately human. Friday came and it appeared that the numbers were not good. Larry Klayman also had some explanations of why that might have happened. I was too negative in this post but a few people talked to me and I eventually got my head straight.


We found an awesome little blog that had lots of pictures. Finally I was starting to see that this was very real and there were people out there standing for me. Seeing the pictures in this blog touched me deeply.


I got some good intel from Guerilla Media Network and decided to pass it on.


I thought that we all (mostly me) needed a little attitude adjustment and I decided to calculate how much this was costing these men and women.


This was some good news that I very badly needed. This is when I started to figure out that I was going to have to stop trusting the handful of media sites that were reporting nothing but negativity and start trusting our readers.



As Saturday rolled around I was starting to understand that people needed me to get info. On Friday I was more concerned about finding the info for myself. I post those things to my page as a courtesy because that’s only polite. We had plans with the family Saturday afternoon but other than a few hours I was pretty much on Facebook all day long.

More confusion… I can tell you from experience that there are some bad apples in every lot. A lot of people just didn’t want this to happen.


This is when I feel I finally got my attitude straight. I am stubborn and sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out that the world is full of chaos and some things can’t be helped. It’s not often that I write a rant and over 1000 people share it on Facebook. This was probably the first time.


When we found out that Louie Gohmert had actually showed up to support the truckers it made a lot of us feel really good. I can’t speak for everyone but I was feeling really abandoned this weekend by the people who work for us. Gohmert was a pleasant surprise.


Another rant that I put out. Please understand that when I write these things I am talking mostly to myself. Writing helps me collect my thoughts and it brings my thoughts into focus. If I couldn’t write a rant now and then I would go insane. Occasionally people enjoy what I write. As of this point I still had almost no idea what was really going on and it really didn’t matter. We were still getting limited info and that gets frustrating, but there was zero need to call this a failure.


I finally found some footage that we could share and be confident that it was taken in D.C.


I finally found some numbers and validation that would make everyone feel a little better. It still doesn’t matter if there were 30 or 3,000 but so many people were looking for this number that I had to share it.



This weekend was a blur for a lot of us. But on Sunday I finally got it. The Veteran’s March was the crescendo of the whole weekend. We had so much information shared on Sunday that I could fill a few books with it. I will try to pick out the best of the best.


The above are just a couple of blog articles of many this weekend written by myself and Dr. Eowyn. The frustration continued for a while longer and then the information would soon start to pour in.


Unfortunately this live feed was only live at times but we did get to see some good footage.


My friend Martha lit the old light bulb above my head… finally. I was overlooking the most obvious sources for information. My friends were already gathering it. Look at these beautiful pics that Martha shared. Does that pump you up a little?


Two sights for soar eyes all at once… Ted Cruz and Fox News. Where were you guys? It is reported that Mike Lee and Sarah Palin were there as well.


Another great pic…


Fox News had reported an arrest some 20 minutes before I posted this. It appears that we actually got the truth of the story before most of America. Come on? A pocket knife. I realize it’s probably illegal to carry a pocket knife there but we need to use some common sense sometimes. Take his knife and let him go on with his day.


Sounds like the cop who arrested the guy with the pocket knife might not be the only one who overreacted Sunday.


More stuff from Todd Ware who had some really good pics.


When two people shared a video with me in the span of about two minutes I knew it would be good.


Love him or hate him… Alex Jones can get his hands on stuff that no one else seems to get. Awesome pic.


It takes a big man to stand behind a badge and hassle veterans. I’d like to smack a few of these cops. It would be worth going to jail.


Really good footage…


I want you to remember that you saw this here first. It wasn’t a good day for President Obama.


This woman came to take her country back and she wasn’t leaving without at least a piece of it.


Great footage. You’ll love this.


We posted a few more items after this but General Lee deserves the honor of summing up the weekend. God Bless this man and all who rode with him and marched this weekend.

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