Veteran Warriors Left Behind in a Nation Undeserving

Today, America finds herself in a peculiar situation in which we are witnessing the destruction of our traditional, Christian-based morality. We are seeing, on a daily basis, the erosion of our constitutional republic as it is slowly and painfully replaced with what can best be described as Marxist Socialism. A nation that once stood united on the ideals of liberty and justice has been rotting away by those pushing the politics of envy, hatred, and resentment. Our society is divided to the point of balkanization as the flood gates are open to third world immigrants wanting their piece of the proverbial pie, and society in general has been beaten down by propaganda to the point that hatred is simmering all around. We have reached a boiling point, and the lid is about to blow.

At the center of all of this are a group of special citizens who are watching in utter disgust as the values they have held so dear are being legislated away by the very law makers that sent them off to war to defend them; our veterans. These warriors have sacrificed everything for beliefs that the country, for all practical purposes, no longer wishes to espouse. Over the past six years, since the election of Barack Obama, we have seen a dramatic shift in America’s cultural make up; after all, Obama promised fundamental change. Well we have seen this change come to fruition as people are actually ignoring the warnings of our fore fathers and are sacrificing freedom for security. It won’t be much longer until it is realized that they will be left with neither.

What makes this worse is the fact that these special warriors, many of whom have been deployed to the front lines numerous times because of the government’s mishandling of the situation, have, upon their return, been targeted by the very people who have used them for their own personal gain. Instead of being given a hero’s welcome, our warriors have been treated as societal rejects, who lack the necessary skills to re-adapt to society. They have been labeled as angry and unable to cope because of PTSD. Thus, they have also been subject to unlawful procedures which enable the feds to strip them of their constitutional rights, rights that they defended for those who have forsaken them mind you, to keep and bear arms; some of which the government trained them to use. America’s head should be hung in shame. If that weren’t bad enough, the government also has had the audacity to label our veterans as possible threats to national security.

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The truth is, our veterans are angry, and they have every right to be. They have returned home to a country that sent them off to fight their war only to see that it has become the very type of dictatorship they have sworn to protect us from. They have returned to a nation of no opportunity, a nation where their service is not appreciated, where the freedom they have defended is forsaken by selfishness and entitlement. The oath they have taken to support and defend the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES has been destroyed by a radical, Marxist president who tells his useful idiots it stands in the way of his promised land. They are watching as the military they proudly served is transformed into a radical social experiment in the name of total equality. It’s no wonder the government has found it necessary to try to disarm them, because everything they have ever believed they were fighting for has been destroyed by this government and their band of merry liberals pushing for “social change.”

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No Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine ever took the oath of enlistment under the belief that they were supporting communism. No service member ever enlisted in order to support the rise of a totalitarian dictatorship in The United States. Unfortunately, this is what they see as they transition back into civilian life. They see a portion of our society who is actively trying to bring about values that are completely antithetical to what they believed they were defending. They see a society that has forgotten what it means to live in a free United States. They are warriors left behind in a nation undeserving of what’s in their hearts. God bless their souls.

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