Veteran Party of America’s Chris Keniston: It is Time for another American Revolution!

Chris Keniston, in his own words…I could not have written this. I am not in his shoes, I have not been put in such a precarious position of potential power.

I shared a conversation with a friend of mine today. The blatant rage radiated through my computer screen as I read my news feed on Facebook. I am bombarded with it daily. But lately, the saber rattling and frustration and blowing off steam has shifted. It is not sabers anymore. The rage is deeper, deadlier… It is coming from people who are not evil themselves, they are scared to death and reptile-brain, fight or flight impulses are kicking into high gear. Obama has pushed the envelope with the American people too far and people are getting prepared to push back. I have been feeling the impotent rage of seeing my country overrun, beaten down, and now pulled apart. But something happened recently that stopped me cold in my tracks, it was just a fleeting image across the television screen in my Father’s hospital room. It was Boehner crying alligator tears and the camera stopped and focused for a split second on his eyes and a chill ran down my spine. Have you ever seen the eyes of person who has recently died? There is a dull, lifeless, soulless, fixed stare, I have seen it several times and that is what I was seeing in that one moment of suspended animation. The next day, I interviewed Chris for the first time. I heard hope, real hope for my country, I was speaking with a real person. It was not canned, programmed words that some focus group told a think tank that they thought I would want to hear. Now, it is time for you to hear what I heard.

A friend shared another group’s conversation with me today. It wasn’t a political group, but it was a very politically unhappy group. They aren’t hard to find these days. I wish I could still be shocked by their seething anger over the state of our country. I wish I could still be surprised by their apparent readiness to ignite a violent revolution.
But I can’t.
I’ve seen too many of these conversations in recent years to be surprised by them anymore. It doesn’t matter who they were. Their group identity, politics, faith, race and gender are completely irrelevant. The simple fact of 21st century America is that no ideology has a monopoly on proposing violent solutions to this country’s problems. Americans have become increasingly angry and deeply divided. We are no longer a people united in purpose, or even in national identity. We cannot even agree anymore what it means to be an American. Perhaps because our single defining characteristic as Americans now… is anger.

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We The People… are pissed off.
We The People… are sick of living in fear and uncertainty.
We The People… are now at the mercy of a federal government that no longer represents or serves any of us. Republicans and Democrats are now:

Two parties with
One shared agenda and
Zero regard for We The People.


There are calls now for Civil War, Class War, Race War and Religious War… all for the sake of reclaiming our basic human right to live as we choose without interference from anyone… especially the government. As if warfare and violence will somehow purge the nation of our feelings of injustice and oppression. That’s not how it works.
This country had a Civil War once. An estimated 620,000 Americans were killed. Is that really what this country needs again? Is that really what we want? The Civil War was simple and straightforward – Union versus Confederacy – complete with sides, uniforms, flags and 19th century weapons. They knew who the “enemy” was. Even if they were other Americans.


Can you seriously imagine our fractured modern society at war with itself using modern weapons? Maybe you think you know who your enemy would be. The fact is, you don’t. Because for every group you believe is a threat to you, there are a dozen others who believe that YOU are a threat to them. If that kind of war ever starts, when does it end? What do we really gain? Our freedom? Liberation? Peace? NO! The only things we will accomplish are death and destruction. We will only ensure this nation’s demise.
Has it even occurred to you that this destabilization of our society is deliberate and strategic? Every day we are encouraged by politicians and media to blame and fear some other group of people for the problems in our country. It’s their fault… because THEY are a different party, faith, race, or social class! THEY want to take what belongs to you! THEY hate you and everything you stand for! THEY want to kill you!
When in fact… THEY… are just people trying to survive day to day like you… and they have been made just as afraid of YOU! This is insanity! People in this country are terrified of FEMA camps, Agenda 21, a horrifying series of Executive Orders and other sorts of totalitarian actions against American citizens. Can you imagine any faster way to initiate that response than resorting to violence? For God’s sake… for America’s sake… take a deep breath and look at what is happening! You are playing into the very strategy you fear most… the brutal, ruthless and bloody end of America as any of us understand it. Be vigilant. Be prepared. But also be smart! Take your damn fingers off your triggers, put your weapons back on Safe and THINK! Who really stands to gain from this country tearing itself apart? Could it possibly be the same people pulling the strings on both parties to control a government that no longer represents any of us?


Every single member of Veterans Party would agree with you… it is time for another American Revolution. It is time for We The People to rise up together against a government that no longer serves us. Hell, I obviously agree strongly enough to lead it myself! But this American Revolution must remain peaceful and political. Allowing it to become anything else is meant to cost us all everything.
If you truly love this country and respect the sacrifices of every American who died defending it, then honor them all by doing this the right way… the Constitutional way. Set aside your differences in politics, faith, race and lifestyle. Find unity in your shared identity as Americans who realize our government doesn’t serve any of us. Use your voices. Use your votes. Until we prove that our Constitutional options will not work, we dishonor the sacrifices of generations of Americans by considering any other course of action.

SOMEONE has to realize that violence will cost us everything.
SOMEONE has to fight for a peaceful, Constitutional solution.
SOMEONE has to ignore the lies and labels created to divide us.
SOMEONE must put being an American before everything else.
SOMEONE has to extend their hand in friendship, instead of shaking their fist.
SOMEONE must have the courage to go first.


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