Representative Michele Bachmann, along with other members of Congress, have called for a serious inquiry into just how our government has been infiltrated with the Muslim Brotherhood, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's chief adviser Huma Abedin and her ties to the group. While she has faced criticism from some of the spineless Republican establishment such as Senator John McCain, House Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Keith Ellison, she has stood her ground. On Tuesday Former Communist Obama Green Czar Van Jones attacked her as well and told his supporters it was time to "punish Bachmann."

Not only did Jones Tweet the phrase "Punish Bachmann," but he also linked over to Karen Finney's op-ed piece which calls for Michele Bachmann to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee.

From Ms. Finney's op ed:

Bachmann and the others who signed on to her call for an investigation have abused their position as members of the House of Representatives, making baseless accusations that recklessly jeopardize an already tense situation in the Middle East, and endangering the life of an American secretary of State and Americans in the region by stoking anti-American sentiment. Despite the likelihood that she will lose her reelection bid, Bachmann should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee, as the others who signed should be removed from their committees; all illustrated a willingness to abuse their positions and access in a manner that jeopardizes America’s security.

Her piece is littered with accusations all over the place while ignoring the very real ties that exist to the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance Abedin's mother, her father, and her own ties to an Al-Qaeda front man.

These men, including Van Jones, are spineless weak little boys afraid to deal with the truth. In a day when men should rise up and be men and stand for something, it is a woman that rises to sound the alarm and for that the weak little 'hen-pecked' government bureaucrats say she should be punished. Well not this man. I say those representatives and "momma's boys" should get out of public office and run home to momma. They have no business directing affairs in the security or governing of the nation. Come November, some of them might just find themselves back at home.

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