US Attorney General Accepts Payoff / Bribe from Johnson & Johnson Corporation to avoid Trial and Prison Time

Recently, US Attorney General, Eric Holder left the door open to federal charges and the potential prosecution of George Zimmerman, who in self-defense, legally and fatally shot his attacker, Trayvon Martin. According to AG Holder, his office’s investigation will soon make a determination to pursue a civil rights case against a man—acquitted by a Florida jury—of Obama Administration politically motivated murder charges.

johnson-johnsonPerhaps Mr. Zimmerman would prefer to make a financial offer to assuage AG Holder’s desire for social justice. Given the established Department of Justice record on accepting huge bribes from corporations facing federal criminal charges, it is my guess Zimmerman can purchase a more favorable conclusion if he had enough money and politicians in his pocket.

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On Monday Nov. 4, 2013, the Holder DOJ announced it would accept another plea deal bribe—from the 1% community at Johnson & Johnson—to end a decade long investigation into the corporations’ violations of federal laws.

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From Attorney General Holder during yesterday’s DOJ press conference:

“We are here today to announce that Johnson & Johnson and three of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay more than $2.2 billion dollars to resolve criminal and civil claims that they marketed prescription drugs for uses that were never approved as safe and effective–and that they paid kickbacks to both physicians and pharmacies for prescribing and promoting drugs.”

“This global settlement resolves multiple investigations involving the antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega –as well as the heart drug Natrecor and other Johnson & Johnson products. This settlement also addresses allegations of conduct that recklessly put at risk the healthcare of some of the most vulnerable members of society — including young children, the elderly and the disabled.”

The full text of the Nov. 5 DOJ press conference can be found here.

Would it surprise you to learn that Johnson & Johnson contributed over three times as much money ($109,000) to President Obama’s 2012 campaign fund than they did to his opponent Mitt Romney ($33,900)? Johnson & Johnson also spends in excess of $5.8 million dollars annually lobbying in Washington’s incorruptible corridors.

Whether it is Wall Street crimes against America, stimulus fraud perpetrated against the taxpayer or big bank government promoted sub-prime lending failures, in case after case, the Obama/Holder DOJ refuses to arrest and try any of the alleged perpetrators. The bodies and the victims simply pile up while the most powerful law enforcement officer in the land brags about openly accepting obscene bribes so that his boss and his party’s campaign contributors avoid any prison time.

Al Capone was an amateur compared the folks running our government. What ever happened to RICO statutes, seizure laws, property confiscation and criminal charges, Mr. Holder?

Johnson & Johnson has assets totaling over $113 billion dollars. While under investigation by the Justice Department (what a joke), the makers of Tylenol received the State Departments Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy and Barron’s Magazine 2008 World’s Most Respected Company ranking. Not one of their executives or employees has seen a day in jail during the “lengthy and exhausting” multi-agency federal investigation of their alleged crimes.

On the other hand, George Zimmerman spent months in jail and eventually had to pay $100,000 in cash and produce an additional $900,000 in collateral to secure his pre-trial release. He also was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device, abstain from using alcohol, remain in Seminole County Florida and prohibited from opening a bank account or entering Orlando-Sanford International Airport property.

However, the folks at Johnson & Johnson and several of their subsidiaries managed to avoid public vilification, address disclosure and death threats, GPS monitoring, Passport surrender, exclusion from investing in the capital markets, putting their entire family’s assets up to meet bail or prohibition from enjoying a glass of their iron fist in a velvet glove, Chateau Margaux.

All they had to do was buy off the Obama Justice Department. In order to do that, they had to resolve allegations stemming from improper promotion and misbranding of potentially lethal medication marketed to the elderly, children and mentally ill and bribing of doctors and pharmacies to push these non-FDA approved drugs. In doing so, they merely agreed to pay $400 million in criminal fines, $1.2 billion to resolve civil liabilities, $149 million to resolve their pharmacy kickback issue and agree to a variety of other nominal criminal fines.

No jail time, no job loss, no real financial hardship and more importantly, no future obstacles to their continued loyal campaign support. Now that is one hell of a Band-Aid.

Where are the Congressional Oversight hearings on this? Why aren’t we hearing from the families of victims who suffered debilitating and life altering strokes as a result of taking these fraudulently prescribed anti-psychotic medications? No, No. Our Congress has plenty of time to hear the perjured testimony of a Florida mom and anti-second amendment Harvard Law professors selling manufactured claims of racism, but real victims no longer have a voice in a corrupt America.

I wonder if AG Holder will offer George Zimmerman a “jail free” plea deal settlement like the one the folks at Big Pharma were allowed to purchase. Then again, I did not see Zimmerman’s name on the Presidents top twenty donors list, so my guess is he will probably be enjoying the hospitality of a federal correction facility while he waits to be destroyed by his racially motivated Justice Department.

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