Unspeakable Horrors Becoming Normal

When was the last time you got down on your knees with your family and prayed? Really prayed, not for anything specific, just humbled yourselves before Christ and thanked God for creating the life around you. Get your spouse and your 2.1 children and pray. You can’t do it, can you? You feel stupid just thinking about the fight on your hands trying to get your younguns in one room at the same time. Well, if you love them, you’d better have a “Comin’ to Jesus” meeting now, not tomorrow, not next Sunday at church where it is ‘appropriate’, no. Now. If you’re not acquainted with Matthew, Isaiah, and Revelations, then you need to turn off the TV, get out your Bible and catch up on current affairs. If you just cannot stomach the idea of reading for longer than ten minutes at a time, make the investment, and get the Bible on your iPod or MP3 player. Listen closely, pay attention. The lives of your family and yourself are at stake. If you are one of those Americans who believe “Everything is going to be fine,” “It cain’t happen here,” “It’s always been this way,” “Oh, it’ll get better.” I’ve got a news flash for you: You are wrong! 

Back to that in a minute—how we got here…

When they reach a certain age, every generation looks at the world around them and it doesn’t make a bit of sense. How many times have you heard, “I just don’t understand these kids of today,” “That is not music,” “Did you see that? She had her tongue pierced!” or my personal favorite, “These kids of today jus’ ain’t got no manners and not a licka sense, if their Momma had whooped ’em good they wouldn’t be acting like that.” Oh, and “Where the hell did you learn to drive like that?!” So, I understand your reticence in listening to me. I know, you are sitting back with a big grin, going “Ha! She just hit the middle age wall face first, and hard! Now she’s going to open her mouth and her Momma is gonna come out.” Been there, done that, thank you very much. I cried, burned the tee shirt, and I am so over it. Are we up to speed? Are we on the same wavelength about the ‘normal’ state of the world going to hell? 

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The seven seals have been broken.

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I am talking about unspeakable horrors being unleashed upon the world. Not just America—the world. Satanic Black Mass being held in Oklahoma City on September 21, 2014. These people are playing with the Ouija board of the underworld. They are curious what will happen, if anything. It’s a ‘poking a stick’ at the dragon just to see if he will respond. These idiots are literally playing with the devil and have no clue as to what they are doing. Satanists being allowed to distribute religious information in schools in Florida, what? You can’t say the Lord’s prayer over Michelle Obama’s excuse for a lunch, but they can solicit for Satan? Where are the Freedom From Religion people and atheists with their lawsuits? I guess separation of church and state doesn’t apply to anyone but God.

Now, as I said unspeakable horrors, Islam is not a religion, it is an abomination that needs to be purged from the face of the earth. The ‘prophet’ of their ‘religion’ is a sadomasochistic, pedophilic, misogynistic, psychopath with sociopathic tendencies. These cretins believe that cutting the breasts and clitoris off of women is acceptable. Teaching toddlers that it is noble to cut Mommy’s head off and run around with it. These are subhuman primordial sludge that must be sent back to the hell from whence they came. All of them. If that sounds like genocide, then take a close look at what they are doing to Christians around the world, including here in America. No, not genocide, I am calling for a Christian Caliphate, lead not by a mere mortal man, but by Jesus Christ himself.

God has been crying out to His children to repent, to take the precious Gift of Jesus into their hearts and souls. To humble yourself before Him and ask for true forgiveness. Unfortunately, we as humans are not very good at repentance. We are procrastinators. We have free will to choose, but we do not do the free will thing very well, like five year olds with too much responsibility. He does not need us. His existence is the same with or without us. We need Him. This is the crux of the relationship between God and His children: He does not need us, we need Him. The time for procrastination passed a long time ago. God is a God of love, but He is also a God of wrath.

As I said, unspeakable horrors. His wrath is now beginning to rain down upon us and it is going to be a very long, violent storm. Earthquakes and volcanoes have increased exponentially since 2000. Half of the world is being flooded, resulting in sinkholes, landslides, loss of property and life. The other half of the world is suffering severe drought conditions. Rivers, lakes, and oceans are contaminated with red algae resulting in the destruction of the food chain up to the fish and mammals. These bodies of water look like blood. Tornadoes, fire tornadoes, ‘water spouts’, and sand storms ravage both land and sea. There are areas of the Pacific Ocean that are literally dead. No fish, no mammals, no birds, nothing but litter. Logically, we know this is from Fukushima nuclear meltdown, but that was an act of God as well, an earthquake and a tsunami. Plagues of frogs, beetles, and locust have rained down upon the earth. Birds by the hundreds have fallen to the earth dead. Hundreds of thousands of fish, octopi, starfish, jellyfish, whales, and dolphins have washed up on shore dead.  

I said, unspeakable horrors. Starting in the 1960’s through the mid-1980’s both the AIDS virus and the Ebola virus were created in the National Cancer Institutes’s laboratories and bioweaponary laboratories in New York. The CDC has the Ebola patent. NIH has the patent to the vaccine, bioweaponary labs are on average five to ten years ahead of medical labs. Members of the New World Order have massive investments in these diseases and in the case of Ebola, the vaccine. Of course, you and I, the peons of the world, are not supposed to know any of that. As far as we are concerned, there is no treatment, there is no cure. Oh, and it is not airborne. It is mutating out of their control, a plague brought on by the greedy and the power hungry. For years the NWO have been complaining about the overpopulation ‘problem’, it looks like their patience, money, and numerous outbreak versions of Ebola are finally going to pay off. Especially if Obama follows through with sending 3000 military men and women to Africa on a ‘humanitarian’ effort. An effort that our government cannot seem to be capable of defining in any terms. This is beginning to sound like a false flag incident that could have very grave consequences if any of those 3000 soldiers bring this strain of Ebola back here.

Unspeakable horrors. Right now, Russia is building up her conventional, technological, and nuclear weapons. She is training on American soil. She is practicing in American airspace. She is gliding through the oceans without making a sound. She is getting ready for World War III. America, on the other hand, are reducing our infantry down to homosexuals and women. Obama has gutted the very people he should be promoting and relying on the most. We have drones, his favorite play toy. The rest of the military, he could not care less. As far as our illustrious President is concerned, the Department of Defense is the easy place to cut the budget, after all, we have no enemies but Israel. God is going to smite us all for that one, regardless of how each of us feels individually. We are going to lose WWIII if it happens while Obama is still in office. Even then, it will take years for a real President to build our defenses back up to the point where we will be capable of winning a war with anyone.

This horror dates back to Karl Marx, the Father of Political Correctness. I do not care who you are, I do not care what you are, I do not care what you have done or not done. I will never cower behind those two destructive, little words. They are nothing but another term for fear. Oh, the atheist might sue us, so we can’t pray. Oh, the homosexuals might sue me because I do not want them getting married inside my home. Oh, that woman might sue me, so I’m not going to hold the door open for her. Oh, that is a gun-free zone, well, keep whatever you have, because I am not coming in your place of business—I’m not stupid, I value my life.  

Atheist: Freedom from Religion does not, nor will it ever negate Freedom OF Religion.

Homosexuals: It is a choice to be a homosexual, it is a lifestyle, leave it in the bedroom and quit going after businesses for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Women: Men and women are different, will always be different. No matter how hard you try, you cannot ‘have it all’; some facet of your life is going to be neglected—unfortunately, in society today, it is the children. 

Blacks: If someone (Michael Brown/Trayvon Martin) does something violent against another human being, regardless of race, don’t riot and loot…or get even by shooting up a gang house. You are only hurting yourselves.

One last horror. It cannot utter a sound. It cannot fight back. It is not an inconvenience. It is not a mistake. At 22 DAYS old it has a heartbeat. It is a baby, not a fetus. Not a mass of cells. God knows and loves every hair on its head, before it has any hair at all. God chose each of the lines on its hands and feet, before it could even move. Each little fingerprint is a kiss from God, unique and special to that one child. The last horror should damn us all to hell, it is abortion. “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” ~Jesus Christ   

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