Unrestricted Abortion Advocates: A Woman’s Most Important Right Is To Murder Her Unborn Child

Yeah, you read that title correctly. Apparently, for woman, according to pro-abortionists, being able to murder your unborn child is the most important right any woman could want/have and needs to be protected at all costs.

As we know, Texas is in the process of trying to pass a bill that would ban abortions after the pregnancy reached its 20th week. We now know without equivocation (scientifically) that unborn babies feel pain very early on. By the time the baby has reached the age of 20 weeks, it fully understands and reacts to the pain of being ripped apart in the womb and removed.

Twenty weeks is a long time. It’s nearly five months of gestation. One hundred and fifty days the mother to be has had time to consider whether or not she wants to keep her unborn child. But this is not good enough for some – even though in my eyes and in the eyes of God it’s still murder – who want absolutely no restrictions on abortion on demand.

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Dana Kusnir is an abortion practitioner who would be affected by the new bill, likely meaning she would experience a loss of revenue because the new bill – if it became law – would mean fewer murders on demand. Kusnir has a unique way of describing the abortion itself. She says that “it is merely a gentle removing of the ‘contents’ of the uterus.” Isn’t that swell? Ripping the unborn child’s arms, legs and head off from the rest of its body while in the womb is really only the “gentle” removal of “contents” from the uterus. She goes on to say, “We basically use a series of dilator rods and then we use a suction to gently remove the contents of the uterus.” I see and what do these dilator rods do Dana? Oh, they separate limbs from the baby and then that is “gently” sucked out of the womb? Well, that makes murder so much better, doesn’t it?

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Hey Dana Kusnir, if you were not making money through the murder of unborn children, would you be doing abortions at all? Of course not. It’s all about money, isn’t it? It’s not a concern for women. It’s a concern for your “practice” of legalized murder. I’m just saying…

Kusnir’s comments become even more remarkable. “This is why I went to medical school. I was a patient advocate at first in Ohio and I figured out how important it was to provide procedures.” Patient advocate? Again, this disingenuous statement only affirms one patient, not the one who is going to be murdered. She’s no more a patient advocate than Satan is God.

She also makes this asinine statement. “It is really a remarkable range, abortion transcends race and age.” Yeah, it’s remarkable that to be a murderer, race and age has nothing to do with it since it’s all about money.

I guess my favorite comment from Kusnir is this one: “They are very brave, all of my patients.” I’d say so, especially the ones who are being murdered and have absolutely no say in the matter. They have been given a death sentence by one woman (the mother) and normally, the father has nothing to say about it.

In this instance, “bravery” really means the height of self-centeredness. You know, when I stop to think of the millions upon millions of unborn babies that die a painfully brutal death that the mother grants permission, it is extremely difficult to comprehend.

I’m sure God weeps and the only saving grace, as far as I’m concerned, is that we will see billions of these children who were murdered in the womb in heaven. However, let’s be clear. That does not excuse the fact that they were unceremoniously murdered by their own mothers.

Editor’s Note: For those still not convinced it’s murder and still cry “It’s the woman’s body and her right to choose” I suggest you click this link and tell me whose bodies are in these photos. They certainly aren’t the mother’s.

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